Liselotte is the niece of Martin. Here she remembers the early days

Martin Muller was born in 2013 in Switzerland, of a German father, Adolf Muller, and a French mother, Julie Lemaire. He was probably born in Bern, where his father worked for a time in the Muller importation firm of luxury textiles. His siblings were, in order of age, Elisabeth, Alex, Charlotte and Otmar. Martin was the 4th in line.

Adolf Muller had wanted to study medicine, which his parents did not permit. Instead he became an avid learner of  naturopathy. With time  he became very knowledgeable and successful. In line with this, he and his wife started a "pension" (boarding house) at 1250 m. altitude in Chesières, Vaud, which they called "Mens Sana". Their boarders were mainly children from tropical colonies, who needed to recuperate from the climate. Martin and his siblings had to help with the household and with the children's schooling, and Martin told me he was in charge of physical education and fitness.

In their teens the three brothers started mountain climbing, becoming excellent mountaineers over the years. However, Alex and Otmar, on an excursion one day to climb the Petit Muvran mountain (as my aunt Charlotte told me), never returned from it. It was known that there had been avalanches in that area on that day and after extensive, unsuccessful searches it was assumed that the two brothers had been swept into a crevasse of the glacier they had had to cross.

Martin's mother died of a brain tumor in 1938 or 1939.

On reaching adult age Martin went to Geneva to study psychology at the Université de Genève. He told me that he discovered after a time that numerology and astrology could give him as much or more information about individuals as psychology could, so he left university and from then on became more and more involved in esoteric ideologies.

Martin met his first wife, Renée Pfaehler, through both their involvement in the Scout Movement. She was training to become an early childhood teacher. Her father had owned a plantation (rice?) in Indonesia and was quite well-to-do. She and Martin soon discovered that they shared many interests and got married (late 1930s or early 1940s). Their ambition was to start a small agricultural, vegan guest house, self-supporting, where aspects of esoteric spirituality would be taught by Martin to paying guests. Renée's father helped the couple by acquiring and leasing to them a valuable farm property, including a house and land, in Epalinges, a village above Lausanne. It was called "En Praz Bin". When I arrived there in late 1945, the only vegan things they had given up were shoes made of canvas. They wore leather, but in all other aspects they were vegan and naturopath. All the crops they grew were organic, cultivated on a rotation basis. I learned about the value of compost then. Vegetables would be brought to the market in Lausanne when Martin could get a lift from a neighbour, because the two had no car. Otherwise we travelled to Lausanne by tram. Martin and Renee were well in advance of the times and the result was that only few people came to stay in the early days, and though Martin and Renée were very frugal, their enterprise did not become self-supporting. Her parents came to stay once a year, when her father would go over the books to see how the couple stood financially.

When there were guests, Martin would hold a group meeting. This essentially consisted in a lecture on Self: what is the true self and how does one get to know it.

Martin and Renee were idealists and not cut out for the down to earth life of hard working farmers. I never saw either do a full day's work, except at harvest time. They would start in the morning on some task, showing those who were in residence what to do, and work along for a few hours, after which they would disappear. When I asked for Martin, I would be told by Renee that he was now busy with far more elevated things, as was his role on earth. Renee herself often had letters to write, or had to talk to a guest who was in dire need of spiritual clarification

In the late 1940s or early 1950s a visitor came to Epalinges who in due course changed everything: she was a young woman named Annie Zweigart, who was an elementary school teacher in Satigny, a village near Geneva, where she owned a small wooden house. Annie was tall, and beautiful in a rather aristocratic way. It soon became clear that Martin had fallen in love with her, head over heels.

Life in Epalinges changed considerably. Annie gave Martin a motor cycle, so he could go to Geneva more frequently, when it suited him. The group in Geneva grew and more people came to stay in Epalinges, with more "seances" arranged for which Martin wrote the lectures. Annie also caused Martin's stature to gain a far greater importance ; he became more and more "Le Maître" and the guests were his disciples. Renee was gradually relegated to a background role, with Annie standing in the limelight as Martin's twin soul.

Renee's parents were not best pleased with the way things developed and one day her father called in the lease of "En Praz Bin". The rest you know.

                     EASTER FESTIVAL OF THE CROSS

                    (The Translation of a Writing by Martin for Easter)

In the heart of your Cross, all of you, allow the blooming of the Rose.

The festival of Easter is approaching with its élan of joy. A Being of Love is celebrated, a mystery is unveile

Many centuries have passed since a Being of Love, Jesus, because of His great Love, carried His Cross up to the place of the Skull, Golgotha. He allowed Himself to be nailed on the Cross, He, Jesus. And when everything was accomplished, He expired. His body was carried to His tomb, and onto His tomb a stone was rolled.

However, three days later, the tomb was discovered empty, the stone removed.

Jesus, the Being of Love, went to Galilee to teach in order to impart knowledge to the ones who loved Him.

The Rose at the heart of the Cross was blooming.

 In the world of appearance, a tragedy was unfolding.

A righteous man, a Being of Love, was Crucified by His jealous brothers and laid in a tomb. It is the celebration of Good Friday with its sadness and its heavy feeling.

But three days later, this Being of Love broke all boundaries that man in his limitation tried to impose, He resuscitates, rises, Master of all boundaries. The Temple is reconstructed, Death is vanquished. It is the festival of Easter in its vibrant joy.

O you in quest of Light, will you content yourself with appearances only? For you there is the world of reality, so simple. May you raise your vision up to there!

The Cross is the symbol of the greatest joy on Earth, of the greatest blessing: Beyond the Cosmos, Being appears. Sparkling with white Light, He raises His arms to bring His Blessing, His Gift to the Earth. Full of Life and Love, the Light is springing from His heart, as dazzling as molten gold.

Here is the real Cross, a spring of deep joy. Here is the simple fact hidden behind the appearance:

     “Before Adam was the “I am.”

The Brothers of a great Christian Order have kept the symbol: the Cross stands in its immaculate whiteness; in the heart of the Cross unfolds the flower with golden petals. However, the neophyte does not yet have the pure vision: for him, the Cross is black and on the Cross a crown of seven red roses blooms; or, according to his vision, the black Cross allows from its center the blooming of a flower, blood-red.

For you also, the Cross appears black and the Rose blood-colored. Calvary appears painful, the seven roses have thorns, the standing Cross anguishes you, the Rose is bleeding.

O will you let yourself be taken by appearance, and at the very moment when the rose is blooming, will you cry out blindly: “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” Like the blind man, will you comprehend the Cross as a symbol of suffering?

No, like others before you, allow the blooming of the Rose on your Cross, and when everything is fulfilled, like them, you will exclaim: “My God, my Sun, never did you abandon me, as never did you abandon any of your children! Your rays are flowing into me. Your Light illuminates my steps”.

In joy with others you sing the canticle of Union. Because now you know, the veil is torn apart…In the Sanctuary shines the immaculate Cross of Light, holding the flower of Love in its Heart.

Maybe you are not yet capable of raising your vision up to there? Maybe you are still veiled by appearance? Listen then and vibrate intensely: each step toward the Ascension, each elevation of the vision, each expansion of the consciousness ask from you a determined and pure action. It is not sufficient to behold the way to be tread, you must go and walk with an assured step.

If, from Easter, you want to raise the veil of mystery and contemplate and live the vibrant Beauty, it is necessary that each lesson be learned and realized; otherwise you will always have it in front of you instead of the pure and simple reality.

Have you realized the raising of the feelings? Has true heart become the intimate counselor in your life, in every instant? Have you mastered your attention? Do you control your needs in every instant of your life?

Have you realized the birth of the Christ consciousness? Do you accept it as the Master in your life, at. every moment?

Have you realized the transition to this new consciousness? Do you know how to renew yourself, to purify yourself in every instant of your life?

Do you deeply realize the significance of Being in the core of Having? Do you know how to abandon the appearance in order to choose the simple reality in every instant of your life?

 Have you done it? You struggle to do it.

 It is good. Take courage. Be determined!

Take in you the lesson of Easter, the lesson the Being of Love, Jesus, gave to every one at the beginning of the age of Pisces, and which has to be understood and realized in the age of Aquarius which now rises. Take this lesson in you in all its pure simplicity:

“Jesus, because of His great Love, carried His Cross to the place of the Skull, Golgotha.”

As above, so below. As inside, so outside. What has Jesus realized? He carried His Cross to the top of Golgotha. And here is the inner significance: the Cross is the symbol of the Cosmic Christ, of Being. The Cross of Jesus is the Being of Jesus. He, His outer personal consciousness, with his Love for the Lord, His God, and for the Love of all human beings, carried his Cross, made an effort to raise his consciousness to the top of Golgotha, to the top of the Skull, which means to the highest point the outer consciousness may attain, and which, somehow, exists effectively at the top of the skull.

“Then He accepted to be nailed to the Cross”.

He, Jesus. He, Jesus, the personality, accepted to be nailed to the Cross. The nailing of the outer personality to the Cross is the Union with the Cross, with Being. The personality accepts the requirements of the Cross, it accepts the will of Being, it withdraws from all personal desire and needs. It wills to place itself in service, it identifies with the Cross, the Christ, the Being.

At the highest point of the outer world, on Golgotha, the Skull, the Cross stands. Its base is anchored in the Earth, its head ascends higher. He, Jesus, the personality, arrives at the highest point of the outer consciousness, surrenders to the Cross, unites with it, and sings the song of Union: ‘”My God, my Sun, never did you abandon me, as never did you abandon any of your children. Your rays are flowing through me, your Light is illuminating my steps”.

The Light of the Cross illuminates Mm and soon He can express: “It is finished”. On the Cross, the Rose has bloomed.

 “And when everything had been fulfilled, He expired. His body was carried to the tomb, and from this tomb, the stone was rolled away”. Jesus, the personality in his limited consciousness, is no more. He gave Himself to the Being, He gave His Life to the Cross. The Rose, the color of blood, bloomed on the black Cross.

 For you, Easter is the lesson of total gift of what you think is yourself to the real You, to the “I am”, the Being, the Christ in you. When you live ever more fully, the lesson of Being and Having, little by little you realize that everything is accomplished by plenitude of Being. The personality, Having, does not accomplish but receives.

Thus, the clear vision comes to you, that the personality, in its outer consciousness, is only the instrument for the expression of Being, Christ in you.

With the vision, a plenitude always larger vibrates in you and soon you cannot restrain the surge of Love which makes you say: “Not my will, but Thy Will!” When this élan becomes the reality of every moment, the Rose is blooming on your Cross, and you, the personality, is ready to accomplish the act of Love, noble and radiant, the Crucifixion.

O may you contemplate and realize the greatness, the nobility, the simplicity of your act of total Love, the Crucifixion! This act, so radiant, so vibrant with deep joy and plenitude!

O may you experience that all your manifestations of life tend towards that Divine Union, may your search for happiness find there its full realization!

May you move forward with a firm step in joy and harmony towards divine union, keeping in your purified vision the shining whiteness of your Cross, radiating from its center the warm rays of Love of the Rose with golden petals!

Infused with this vision of Light, animated with a vibrant and noble current of life, can you still live in your outer consciousness, the little personal life, all filled with small joys and egoistic pain, limited to the appearances, desperately and only centered on the well-being of your personality?

No, your richness, your happiness, you discovered them in that great I, the Christ, the Cross watching you. And what you have discovered is so noble, so beautiful, so great, that your personal consciousness can no longer contain it. So, consciousness discovers the joy of giving it, of transmitting it, of radiating it. Your consciousness can no longer live for personal satisfaction only, but gives itself to the Source of joy so that through you It pours Its radiation on all around.

Thus, the personality again becomes what it has to be: the instrument of expression of the Creator in Its Creation. It could have no other interest than His own. It could be nothing else but Him.

Now truly you love. 0, you love the Lord your God, with all your heart. You love Mm with all your Soul. You love Him with all your thoughts. You love Him with all your strength.

Now you really love, 0, you love your neighbor as yourself.

Do you now realize that the black Cross and the blood-colored Rose exist only in the appearance of a dark age or in the limited vision of the neophyte? The Crown of seven red Roses on the black Cross distresses only the blind.

In the simple reality, the real Cross stands gloriously pure in its whiteness, and out of its heart blooms the beauty of the Rose with golden petals. On this Cross, Jesus was Crucified. On this Cross you will be Crucified one day.

In the world of appearance it was necessary that the Cross of Jesus appear black, that the Rose be blood-colored, that it have thorns.

 Now can you understand?……

“His body was carried to the tomb, and onto His tomb the stone was rolled”.

The tomb is the place of transformation: for the blind it is the place where his appearance is dissolved; for the Crucified, it is the place where the transformation born from the Union, is accomplished. This place is always far from the sight of the profane. The Crucified is placed in the tomb, because, for Him, the world of personal desire is dissolved forever. And now, the radiant transformation is accomplished, the transformation, the union so radiant, that only the Being of Love, with the pure vision, can contemplate it.

There is the crucifixion of the neophyte on the black Cross. There is the Crucifixion of the Being of Love, on the Cross of the Light. There is total Crucifixion on the pure Cross of Light, in the world of reality and on the black Cross, in the world of appearance. The Crucifixion of Jesus was total: radiant, dazzling in its simple reality, but dark also, because in the world of appearance only the Cross was seen, darkened with obscurity, with blackness, with the Rose of Love painfully stained by blood.

There is in the tomb the transformation of the neophyte – deep transformation, true rebirth. The neophyte, once blind, now, through Union, receives vision. In the tomb there is the transformation of the Being of Love, the total transformation, the new birth. The Crucified, by Union, is identified with the Cross: He is Life, He is Love, He is Christ.

And resplendent, the sun is rising on the morning of Easter. All of Creation sings its joy to salute the Resuscitated. He emerges from the tomb, alive, radiant. From this moment on, He is the Cross of Light, and the Rose of Love blooms in His heart. All of Creation sings its joy because His Blessing is Life; His Blessing is Love; His Blessing is Light. You also sing your joy because His Blessing is Life; His Blessing is Light. His Blessing is Love.

O, all of you, here is your joy most pure. Here your Being vibrates in full plenitude. You too want to be united with the Cross, you too want to be the Cross of Light, you too want to radiate from your heart the vibrant Love of the Rose with golden petals.

Easter, the Festival of the Resuscitated; Easter, the Festival of Life, the Festival of Love, the Festival of Light.

In the heart of your Cross, 0 let the Rose bloom!

Here is the lesson Jesus is giving to you, to you personally.

However, as vibrant, as radiant as your thankfulness may be, do not forget that your transformation is the most limited aspect, the smallest of the great lesson of Easter, the lesson of the Cross. Only with purified vision will you be able to contemplate the great and simple reality: Jesus Himself has been the perfect instrument in the finite world of a cosmic action including the whole planet. Vibrate intensely in your heart and maybe you will realize a part of such a great and beautiful reality.

The Cross has been erected on the ground of Golgotha. Its base in the ground, its top towering above. On the Cross, a Being of the Earth has been Crucified.

Remember, the Cross is the symbol of the greatest joy, of the greatest Blessing the Earth may k now.

Out of the Cosmos, Being appears, sparkling with White Light. He lifts His arms, bringing His Blessing, His gift to the Earth. Infused with Life and Love, Light is flowing from His Heart, dazzling like molten gold.

Here in truth is the symbol of the Cross, Cross of Life, White sparkling Cross. In its Heart the flower of Love unfolds. In its Heart blooms the Rose with golden petals …….

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