Martin trained students within ONTOLOGY, the science of BEING. He taught how to develop the awareness of one’s divine identity, starting from the feelings and developing the awareness of the  play of soul to the consciousness of divine presence.

Three aspects of Martin teachings, in successive periods form the book.

First, the Christian mystique: The Lectures at Epalinges.

Second, the psychology of Being: Prelude to the New Man.

Third, the training the awareness of Christ Presence.


Fourteen successive lectures, forming a progressive initiation to the mystery of Christ. It has been translated from the original notes from Martin.

(In the MEMORABILIA site page, We preserve typed copies, in French,  of the 14 LECTURES AT EPALINGES. It is a Swiss village overlooking lake Geneva, there, Martin presented cycles of lectures and training. Initially he taught in the form of the esoteric Christian tradition.From that period, we kept in MEMORABILIA two other original texts in French: “L’ETRE D’AMOUR VINT A PASSER” and “OR FONDU”)

Having moved to teach  in  Geneva, he developed the use of the A U M symbols as fundamental currents in terms of wave physics and energy, eventually developing the representation in square diagram, which integrates physics and psychology in time evolution.

Later in this period, prior to his move to California, he wrote  the “Introduction à l’Ontologie”,  later traduced and expended in California, it forms the second part of the NEW MAN.


The second part was written by Martin with the help of students, as   translation of his earlier work on Ontology.The work is articulated on the symbolism of AUM, the triple currents directive of life. In three sections, psychology, technical training and Ontology proper. The work opens the awareness and the science of being.

In Rancho Santa Fe, CA, Martin assisted by Georgette led awareness training sessions. During four years they were recorded and transcribed than edited to the core teachings


The third part offers the substance of Martin,  wisdom presented during four years of monthly meeting with students in southern California, dedicated to teaching and training. The recording of the forty sessions are transcribed and edited, they retain the width, depth and specificity of Martin. In the session of December 1980, Martin introduces the symbol of the HOLOGRAM and the Spaceship as the New Man. 


This book presents the teaching of Martin Muller, a spiritual instructor, who worked from the middle to the end of last century, in Switzerland and in the USA.  This teaching begins with the attention upon the discovery of the Christ within––the soul–– and how to develop it.  It is then followed by practical psychology, technical training, and practical ontology, a sequence of three parts taken from Martin’s book “Prelude to the New Man”.  The rest of the book deals with what Martin called ‘calisthenics’, meaning, a calisthenics or training of the consciousness, which was taught here in the USA between 1980 to 1984. Martin’s unique and special gift was (and always has been) through the use of music.  With the use of a piece of music, he could animate, elevate, enlighten, expand the consciousness of a group of students and change the energy of the environment.  The calisthenics presented here are the teaching which went along with the musical part, consisting of all kinds of music, from classical to modern.   Unfortunately, there was no reason to recall here the kind of music he used, since the effect was directly due to the action of Martin, who worked with a very gifted lady, Georgette. I took classes with Martin since 1945 to his death in 1990.  I am immensely grateful for what he offered.  He was a practical awakener of deep and high consciousness in people and groups, making his trainees ‘new men’, new in the sense that they could, at least to some degree, experiment their centers of awareness, soul in themselves, and a hint of the luminous destiny of man. For the seekers of soul and beyond, ready to train and embark themselves upon a long, but rewarding journey, I strongly recommend this book. DK


CALISTHENICS of December 1982, page 504.

As you know, Christmas is the time of the birth of Christ. Also, symbolically, it is the time of the birth of Christ consciousness in mankind. I call this You might know, intellectually at least, or you might sense that the Christ factor, and the Christ factor literally makes mankind children of Christ. We will become acquainted with this factor tonight.

You might know, intellectually at least, or you might sense that humanity is undergoing a major change–and not just the change of cycle from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. Although, as you might know, the change of age implies that what was hidden in the Piscean age comes out into the open in the Aquarian age. What was the training of the Christian initiates comes out as everyday training in this new age. Some of it we do right here.

The Christ factor is now activated in mankind, and one of the changes that it brings along, you might not have thought of. According to Steiner, what is called mankind is made up of the top third of each previous eternity or day of creation. You have to expect that this situation is going to repeat itselt. You are going to witness some sort of split between those who have worked along the line of the Christ factor and those who haven’t or couldn’t–whatever. In a way, I could say that the agent of that split is the Christ factor.

I want you to face some important points once again so that, little by little, you can become aware in a more mature way. 

Page 5o5 .

The way you hear all the teachings, and I do mean all of them, is personality or geo-centered (geo or earth being the person, and sun being spirit). There are tremendous discrepancies. One, for instance, is believing that the hierarchy, in which you have initiates of all degrees, up to the highest, is here to serve you. Now if you read the same teachings, you might know that on any level, especially in the so-called higher ranks, you have beings that are not from this earth. Did it ever occur to you to wonder what these beings are in their own surroundings? We come to a time when the mind begins to explore further, and you might begin to be interested in what other beings are and how they work.

What mankind does can be translated symbolically, and then you can know where mankind stands. So let’s take the symbolism a bit further. One of the symptoms we can come up with is the exploration of space. Man went to the moon. It was a first attempt to go beyond earth, with one drawback symbolically: the moon belongs to the earth. In astrological symbolism, the moon stands for the earth, so actually, they didn’t leave earth. They went to a more subtle part of it- sufficiently far away to realize that the earth is beautiful. Realizing that earth is actually beautiful seen from space was one of the first great experiences of the astronauts. Theydiscovered that there is something to earth that you don’t register when you live on it; that is, earth experienced as a being. Some of them were even able to express it. Now that’s something new coming out into the open. It means that it’s now operative, and your concrete mind can deal with the situation. The same minds have now started to send probes even further out, still in the solar system, but beyond the moon. Translated symbolically, this means the mind is able to perceive further than earth itself.

You might wonder why there is a renewed interest in so-called psychic abilities, spiritual healing, whatever you want to call these things. Science is now becoming interested, and this is the same symbol as probes being sent out into space. It is for you to realize that the times are changing, and you have to readjust your minds to the present situation. You cannot continue with the old mind. It’s not fit for the existing situation.

So when we speak of the Christ factor, you have to realize that the Planetary Logos, whose body is the earth, is not a product of the earth.

Page 506.

You feel being a product of the earth, but you cannot put the Logos on the top of that same scale. The Logos is different. He is not a product of the earth. He uses the earth. This means it’s an entirely different situation, and if we use space symbolism, he is a being of space. He is not bound to earth itself as a product of the earth. You face a situation that functions in a completely different way.

When the Christ factor is activated, what is activated is not a product of this earth either. It’s a huge difference, try to face it. Don’t expect the Christ factor to be one more addition to what you already have. We cannot put what the Christ factor is into words. You experienced it last week in the Christmas service. Some of you experienced that something was happening, and some of you experienced that nothing was happening.

The Christ factor cannot be grasped by the mind. I come back to the symbolism of space. When man sends a probe out to another planet in the system, he still remains on earth and receives signals: This is perception. When you go there, you live it. It’s very different. You can live the Christ factor and thus experience it without being able to describe anything, without being able to use your sensory, emotional, or mental perception–all these fail. Christ is not from the earth; your perceptions are from the earth. This is a point that the usual mind fails to recognize. Times do change, and you have to retrain your mind.

Obviously, something that is not from this earth, symbolically speaking, is lived as a livance first, and only in the last resort comes down on the earth. The fact that Christ incarnated means that the Christ factor can play all the way down and into the personality, but two thousand years is very recent, so the person is going to be aware of it only in the last resort. However, you are more than a person. The problem is that you try to reach for the more with your brain, or you identify it with an image in your brain. Atman (the real you) reflects himself in chita (mind substance) and makes an image of Atman. The mind then takes the image as being the real thing. Now if by some chance you drop your usual mind and use a more mature one, there are many implications. One of them is that you no longer identify with your instrumentality. Currently, all of what you live is along the line of instrumentality. You always have a shape, be it physical, emotional, or mental. Atman does not.

507                                                                                              With the Christ factor, there is going to be a change. The Christ factor is not an instrument, and I have to predict that because we are going to work with that Christ factor all the time now, there will be identity crises in the groups. Symbolically speaking, you will begin to be able to identify yourself as sun rather than earth. When the sun aspect becomes strong enough, you will begin to sense something deeply wrong in you. You wilfeel dissatisfaction. You may become disgusted with yourself. You may despair that you will ever make any headway. You may feel that nothing works, etc. All this being an inverse reflection of the other condition coming down. If this occurs, remember that the sun does not express in terms of earth; it works differently.

In my experience of human beings on earth, they take the hardest possible way for sport. So they go into confusion, despair, some might even revolt. They have to go through all this to finally realize that what is nagging them is the so-called higher condition they have looked for all along, and when it comes, they don’t recognize it. In St. John, it is said that when the Word came among his own, they did not recognize him.

When you come down into your person, don’t expect to be recognized by that person. They, the functions of the person, will not recognize you. You can allow yourself to go into despair because it’s very interesting or because you are trying to attract the attention of other beings or simply because you like it. You could just as well approach from another angle and feel finally coming home. But this implies that the person recognizes what is coming; most people don’t. To be oneself in society is to be a better ego, but everyone knows that the ego is an artificial picture of your real self, created for the purpose of centering the lower functions. Once you have mastered them sufficiently, the ego goes. You begin to realize that what you call self is not what you thought. You will realize that whatever you think you are, what you live, is always greater, more complex, richer-_-always. It’s time for you to realize that you function with more than the three modes of awaring (sensory, emotional, and mental). There always is more than that, and you have to learn to be consistent with it.