In 1985 Martin was invited by a group of students in London, ONT.  Over several hours, he brings his audience  from the casual feeling of getting together, to the awareness of greater life. A whole life work in a whole day of presentations and discussions.

Here are three consecutive tape recording of the whole session, which have been also transcribed.

Audio Tape One
Audio Tape Two
Audio Tape Three


Tape One transcribed

Martin:     Hello everybody. So long (much) for social amenities. I hope you are eager to work……. Don’t be too eager. Let’s first make the point. We have in these two hours, a little bit more maybe, to make at least ten years of work. What happens now, happens now. (Long pause) It hasn’t come through…we’ll come back on it.

In history, you always have clues on what is going on. As you know, in physics they have found out, lately, that what is called a particle is the product of a whole, dynamics of the whole. They have also found out, that according to how you look at the particle, the particle is only an event, it’s not a substance. It’s an event. Now, for the implication. But first I have to add another part. David Bohm, British philosopher, has commented on the explicate order and the implicate order. Education trains you to deal with the explicate order only and the implicate order is missing. So let’s come back to the first proposition. The particle is an expression of the dynamics of the whole. Okay, so you hear it, explicate it. Try to hear it, implicate it.  Hey, don’t look that way. (background laughter) Do it, now!

Implicate. Something hard to face and I want you to face it right away, or your outlook on the world and that includes yourself, maybe mainly yourself, I don’t know, has to go, all of it. That’s part of the implicate order.

To make it a little bit more clear, let’s use a cup as expression. Newton in physics. From Newton on physics were built along the idea of building blocks. That means you are this and you are that and finally you get the whole. This is common. Modern physics tells you that the whole is always more than the sum of the components. Shocking.  So we have start to start from the whole, in the first place. Now do we even realize what even that, this means? Now you hear me speaking and you unfortunately listen to me speaking. Where do you live? The point is not what you hear, the point is what you live. To make you more comfortable, we do see what you live. So

I hope our exchange together will always be openhearted, without trying to hide because we see it in you anyway.

But seriously, if we want to work together you have to retrain your mind, so that you begin or that it, so that it begins to be able to handle the implicate order instead of holding the explicate one. So that you begin to realize that there is the whole in the first place, contrary to your education, in which you learn to add, add, add, trying to reach more wholeness that is never reached.

Give you an example, socially, there is a very welcome tendency to put together a

M.D. – a doctor, a psychologist, a dentist, or let us say a group of healing arts, working hand in hand. That is called holistic medicine. Not in our view. I don’t criticize it, it’s maybe very welcome. In many instances, but don’t call it holistic. If you want to practice something holistic, every individual has to be whole in the first place. That means you have to live. Now, think of it. Live it. Now again, live it. Don’t listen. The words you will forget.

Let’s make an experiment. In your, how can I say, overall feelings, assess the group, assess the room, the atmosphere of the room, the atmosphere of the group, not features in the group, but the kind of atmosphere emanating from all of you. That is pretty well in tune with the room, not to make the relation between the room and all of you. There is a law, if you want to bring forth the higher life, not only have you to bring it forth, but you have to create the atmosphere, which allows it to exist. Because the usual atmosphere does not allow it to exist. Explicate order deals with things your senses can grasp, things; sometimes you call it “thingness”. Try to grasp the feel of the whole here, the room, not in terms of thingness, if it makes sense to you in terms of dynamics, not things.

Okay, I see that the word dynamic awakened something in you. That’s quite fortunate. So you won’t fall asleep and start snoring. You can laugh, but it happened to me.  I wasn’t asleep but we had the group and somebody was falling asleep. This happens sometimes. And that poor guy started snoring. And you had the two on each side that were very embarrassed and tried to nudge him. Okay, so it lasted awhile and then they started again. If you can follow the dynamics it won’t happen to you.

So assess the room as it is. (Silence)Okay? Is it done? So we’ll play one piece of music and change that. Look, feel around in yourself, in the whole room, the atmosphere of the room. Who honestly senses a difference? Lift your hands…. Oh, that’s pretty good.  Be honest, please. What did you do to change the room?

 Participant:   I had a sense of love and a strong activation was coming from my head and I seemed to be spreading out, listening. Then there was a feeling of, of surrounding, of loving. ”

 Martin: yes, but you show it as a result of. See what I mean? Because of the change, you feel that. You feel a change in yourself. Something greater, deeper. Don’t you?

 Participant:  yes.

 Martin: Sure. Incidentally I see it, this is why I say it.

 Participant:   I felt a dancing going on around the room, in the space, and it seems to left a sort of increased broadness (inaudible)

 Martin: Okay, I mean the music itself is conducive to that, sure. What I want right away, what I want you to be aware of, what you describe are abstractions.

For those who don’t understand the word abstractions, an abstraction in this sense means you take from the whole some item. Okay, you take from the whole of what you live . Some items, your mind can deal with, like that movement of dancing, or that love you felt and move in that, with this, these are abstraction. But if you notice, in spite of the abstraction, you live a wholeness that you cannot explain. Do not try to explain. Because when you try to explain, the way the mind is educated, I mean, from school on, that mind is going to try to reduce what you live to the level of the complete mind. Every time. That means the abstraction becomes what you live and you forget your own experience.  And you have to learn to respect the abstraction…no, not the abstraction, forgive me, I have a term. I call livance. It’s not in the dictionary yet. Still I call livance. that all encompassing life you live and I do mean all encompassing, it cannot be reduced to sensations,  emotions,  thoughts.

Sensations, emotions, thoughts can participate, they cannot pretend, representing livance. Once you learn to live with livance, you realize that you can live that way without sensation, without thoughts, without emotions. They are not mandatory. That means there is a way of, of wearing – to use a bad English word, – that is proper to livance, that is free of the limitations of those functions called thoughts, emotions, sensation. So, right away, I want to exert some type of discipline. Always deal with what we do, as if you were dealing with a higher order of magnitude. Not the usual one, because I see you following with the mind of the usual order of magnitude now. If you are attentive, you do respond to me now, in a way that was not so before the music. Who does acknowledge that? Lift your hands. I want you to respond right away.

It’s kind of difficult isn’t it? To change right away. But this is what we want you to do. Told you, ten years of work in two hours. Find the way. There is no way you’ll go ahead anyway, doesn’t matter if there is a way or not. If there is none, you make one. Right?

Let’s come in with another part. Remember, implicate, explicate order. Particle, a manifestation of the dynamics of the whole. Now, another point.

You sense the surrounding, you see people, colours, shapes, how do you see them? Because of reflected light , you don’t see the light. But you see the reflection. And let us say a very different type of fabric gives a different reflection so you recognize it. Different colours, different shapes, different types of fabrics and so on. Because of the reflection of the light. But you don’t see the light.  If we make smoke here, you will see the beams, because they are reflected by particles of smoke. Reflection. Take the smoke away, make everything black, ray of light through the black, nothing. You don’t see it. So you see through a reflectively. Now watch your emotions. You reflect conditions too. What do your thoughts reflect again? Now that’s fairly simple, isn’t it?

Your mind functions in a reflective way. Not only your mind, actually. I touch it, I feel it, hard, but not as hard as rock, that’s wood. Reflection.

Okay, now let’s be serious. There is a direct mode. If there is a reflective mode, there is a direct mode. You have to retrain your mind so that it can be, it begins to be able to deal with the direct mode. That’s serious work. It’s not easy. It’s not easy because the whole surrounding, that means all the people around, the whole town, the whole country, the whole continent, the whole world works along the reflective way. And what I am asking you is to quit that. Not quit, no, it’s not correct. But at least put in motion the direct way, so, find your way towards the direct aspect. If you don’t look for it, it won’t manifest.

My are you busy hearing. Learn to live not hear. Okay so here we have, let’s call it a psychological feature. Working the reflective way. Now livance works the direct way, it does not reflect. So don’t call livance, when you have an intuition for instance, or an overall feeling, or an… we have just seen, for instance, when you experience something, you are going to say‘ I felt this , I felt that.’ These are not only abstractions; they are abstraction in the reflective mode. That means it’s not what you really live. Right? Okay. Let’s go one step further.

The Greeks, philosophers, have come up with an image – the persona, which in Greek means the mask. And the comedian, when you go on the scene you put on the mask. Now, in some primitive way, of we call it primitive nowadays, it was actually possibly a wooden mask. You’ll still find that. Now we have costumes. It’s also a kind of mask. That means they did compare the persona, what is called nowadays the persona, to the mask, being used by the comedian. When you say ‘you are the mask’, you miss reality. Because the being is the comedian.

Now, for the dream of the mask. The mask dreams about the comedian. Why dream about when you are that? Now we have a major, major, major difficulty here. When you want to find that higher self you go in so called spiritual teachings. They deal with that. So you have to acquire a higher self. I tell you right away, this you cannot do. It’s positively, positively not possible to acquire what you already are. Simple logic, but it’s amazing how simple, how few people use simple logics. You’re that anyway.

Now we have seen that the mind reflects. The reflection of the comedian on the level of the persona, is usually called the ego. Some people use the word ego on a higher level. But, what you know as ego, psychologically speaking, that’s the reflection of the comedian. The comedian is the one using the mask. So, for you, the ego is what is directing you, is the director. This you are. No, it’s a reflection. You learn to deal at comedian wise. When you change, when something higher works, why do you think it does happen?  The work we do, I mean, the real work we do, does not go lower than the comedian. That means it addresses the comedian. If for you the comedian is a theory somewhere, for us it’s a seen reality. We are here to tell you, we see it, it’s real. How long will you take to realize it? In theory, in concept, the reason you do it, how long will it take to do it practically? Isn’t it obvious that the language of the comedian is not the same as the mask? You have functions in the mask. Your ego is used to identifying itself with the functions, I am the sensations, I am the emotions, I am the thoughts. Until you realize it’s not true.

You know from here say, possibly experience, I don’t know, that when you leave your body, let us say, through anesthesia, some people float above their bodies or so. Sensation  now dead, they don’t work. Or do they? They certainly find they can see everything that happens, hear everything that happens, not physically, but they do. How long will it take for you to realize that it is true? That means act on it, not understand it, act on it. This is what it asks for, to be consistent with life. Pragmatic.  There are people who have gone through apparent death, which is not death actually but very close, they have had beautiful experiences, sufficiently strong for their life to change. What do you do? What are you waiting for? You believe these people, but do you act? Accordingly.

If you act accordingly your  awareness changes. Nobody obliges you to limit yourself to three functions called sensory awareness, emotional awareness, mental awareness and that’s all, that’s very poor. Very poor. It does not even make justice to what you live in everyday life. Get into a room, in everyday life. You get in, you have an impression. You would be amazed of the amount of “information” that one second impression, first when you enter the room, that’s it.  How many think you are just are that moment? And depending on the event going on, later you think, well yes, I sensed it when I came in. Same when you meet somebody.

Let’s take an example. In physics, you know that every object has a field around, okay so people have a field around too. You don’t need to call it aura. There is a lot more to the field around people than what is described as an aura. A lot more. What happens when you meet somebody and there is an awareness of that field? Unconscious, but an awareness. Unconscious does not mean that it does not function, please, when you are unconscious, let us say in surgery or so, it does not mean that you are not aware. It simply means that the physical body does not register, that is all.  What I am asking, is even on the logical level, you have plenty of clues , information, that you live, should I say 100%? That’s probably a lot, too little.  More than we acknowledge with our brain. You know that from everyday experience. Act on it.

I do mean act on it, go ahead. It is not because nowadays, we let us say we have a technological society, only what can be measured with a known instrument is accepted. This is contrary to science. And so we say that but it is contrary to real science.  A real scientist has no right to say the limitation is so and so. If he doesn’t know, he say’s I don’t know. If you ask him to estimate, he can say I have no instrument for that, I cannot do it. Or, he could say, let’s try with this instrument and they find out that those kind of measures are not conclusive. There is one point you don’t realize. This is science too.

Not so long ago simple logics, they found out that in an experiment you have three components, you have the experimentator, that’s one of the components, the set up, measuring devices and then the result. In the beginning, they thought that the measuring devices would show the result as is. Nowadays people begin to realize, no, it’s not that simple. Because the experimentator decided what instrument to use. Meaning he takes an angle of view, a certain position. From that position we discover that it isn’t that. From that position, how about taking another position? We do not say, that science is wrong, but we do say that the public has a very little or a small awareness of what is at stake and the basic rules of the game. And the basic rule is, that , today’s science has accepted a certain amount of devices, measuring devices, and accepts a scientific, only what has been measured.

Now, for instance, in my experience, I was always flabbergasted, on one thing. For instance, in psychology, you have to make tests: you choose a group; you choose a how do you call that? Not a witness group, a…control group, uh, possibly, several groups in which you practice and then you have the control group, you compare and you find out. You find out what? Things that are known, since ten, twelve, twenty, I don’t know how long, a thousand years, are already. But this time it is scientific. I wonder if you ever realized how childish the game is.

I don’t speak about machines and things like that, that’s a different story. But as soon as the human being is involved, I’m sorry to say there is no discovery what so ever in psychology, none. There is still a tremendous lack of awareness and in part due to a false understanding of science.  Psychologists ought to be the first one to realize that when you think a position, it means you take an angle of view. If I take a picture of a landscape, I’m going to decide where I’m going to position myself. Now if we all together are spreading the landscape and take a picture of that landscape, even only one, there is a good chance that we have nearly everyone taking a slightly different position, slightly different angle of view and thus, different results. Same landscape, but different results. So we have dynamics behind all that.

Tonight I am addressing your minds. One thing you don’t know because you’re not taught at school, these things, man is supposed to become a thinker, and in respect to the ability of thinking, he’s still a very small child. Having no other awareness, you have no means of comparison. How come some people do have? Means of knowing? Because they use a different awareness.

Since thousands of years, yogi’s say you that if you train in a certain way you obtain certain result. According to science, this is scientific. And I remember having read articles where some of the yogi’s claim that they were scientific according to the rules of science. If you proceed in a certain way, you obtain a certain result, every time. That’s science. But science has never admitted it, because the two sound different. In this respect you cannot obtain these results unless you change. As some observer quote, even the physicist who realize the reversal of the position, dynamics of the whole producing the particle, you can go further than the particle. It’s a very safe position to start from the dynamics of the whole, but this means that if they want to continue, they have to change their minds, their own minds, to deal with the dynamics of the whole in the first place, that means changing their life. Given the society around, very few if any have the courage to do it. It’s a big, big change.


 Participant: When you are talking about the whole, I keep picturing the concept of what we are as a result of what we dream (bring), plus what we know. The potential of becoming consciously but are a long way off  ever being conscious of that.

 Martin: Note this. Your expression, which is an expression of everybody, not you personally, is sequential. You’re asking, the question sequentially. In the whole we have no sequence. How can we answer sequentially, for something that is not a sequence? See what I mean? So we come to the same position as some of the physicists, discovering that the mind is inadequate with what is dealing with what is at hand. We can take another position too, educative position, is the mind position is stressed. It simply means you have to develop it. It’s not that yet adequate for the comedian to use properly. Simply that.

So the mind is not the top of the line of faculties, it only looks that way. For educative purposes, for instance, that is a point of view you can take. Reality is always different from a point of view. And, speaking of that , I have to warn you, when you work really, and I do mean really, that you really live, the so called spiritual reality is different from everything you imagined, just plain everything. The one who knows can recognize the aspects in what is written but be aware that you approach what is written more in the reverse way.

 Martin:   Unless you can devote in life, forget the work. It will be automatically ego centered. That means based on an image, not a reality. And you have to go through ordeals to get rid of that, why not get rid of it right away?  St John of the Cross speaks of three nights: the night of the sensations, that means you suddenly realize that all your sensation ,without any exceptions, are beside the point. Reality is different. The night of the soul comes later. Then comes the night of the, I don’t know what English words to know, because I know the French word, you know.

(inaudible)  Now, (inaudible)has to do with the cognitive faculty, so let’s say the night of the cognitive faculty. In which you realize, that all your  – all of it – all of your cognitive faculties are useless. And then the night of the soul.  This has to go too.

Now, of course when you read about it, you find it fantastic. I’ve seen lots of people who find it fantastic. Have you done it? The point is not what you understand, but what you can do. Burn that in your brain: what you can do. Any questions?

 Participant: Where is the joy?

 Martin: Now, here we have a typical situation, where is the joy? There is a condition in livance where you live joy and there is no where, ‘where’ is a space measure. Suppose, you learn to deal with dynamics, you can deal with dynamics without space and time. Give an example, you have a  koan in zen, for instance, that proposes that you drop that stone in that bottomless pit. Okay, so you follow the stone through the pit, beyond the pit and the pit disappears. Everything surrounding the stone disappears. The Earth disappears, the stone is still falling, the stone disappears, but the movement of falling is still there. That means all thingness is gone and when I speak of dynamics, I do speak of dynamics when all thingness is gone.

They come pretty close in physics, for instance, when they begin to reckon with the particle as being an event rather than a thing. And I’m afraid for, that the general public, that public simply does not realize what is going on in the world. Symptomatically, the particle can be seen as an event and not as a thing. Give you an example. You have a certain awareness of the physical body, the gravity, the heaviness, the consistency, the solidity of the body. Or, you don’t. We have the same body, yes. But the awareness around what you call body is rather different. And it would be a lot more precise, not exact, but more precise, to say that we live a body as if it were, let us say, some dust in suspension in surrounding. No more solid that dust in suspension. If we use our brain, we have a solid body. If you use another awareness, it’s no more solid. So again, position is very relative.

Change position, you have a different awareness. And this please begin to realize change position, you have a different awareness. You see life from a different angle; you understand things from a different angle, so there are other meanings, possibly hidden meanings that you never saw before. Change position.

Sometimes I speak in terms of changing the center of gravity from the persona to the comedian, so that you act from comedian level. You still can work; persona wise, but you also can work comedian level. But if you do work, comedian level, you have to modify your persona so that it can be used by the comedian. That means we enter in time, where the junction between persona and comedian has to be reestablished because for a relatively long time in history of mankind , mankind has lost the connection. Allegedly because of educative purposes. Now the connection has to be reestablished. It is not the persona that does it. It is the comedian. Who assimilates the persona to what is already here.

If you get used to me, you will notice that when I look at you, I look at, through, with, around, very often around. Some people are disturbed by that. Because in the field, you show a lot of aspects that do belong to the psyche, to the world, the way you work. Please, it’s not a special faculty, it’s not a gift, it’s a normal condition, simply a change of position. What we do is here for you to do also.

 Participant: It sounds like the change of position is not here and not there, or is nowhere and is everywhere.

Martin: Well, that would be a way to describe it. Again it does simply mean that it is not spatial. To help you along the way one of my definitions of ego is the ego is simply, not the ego, it’s a mistake because ego is a reflection, but deeper than that, the sense of identity, without putting a limit on it.

The sense of identity is simply the leverage point you use to work in time and space.

Meaning if the function, by which has the function you accomplish at the present, I was going to say at the present time, you can function without time and space. Do you see what I am meaning?       So many aspects cannot be dealt with in terms of time and space. And if you go, for instance, beyond identity, you cannot deal with it in terms of time and space, you cannot speak of it in terms of time and space, it just doesn’t work.  For instance, we are here. Your sensory awareness possibly even intuitive, deals automatically with the people here as persona’s.  Did it occur to you, as we were speaking, that the air in the room – I mean the space in the room – is more alive than it was before, at least in the beginning. Look around. Maybe some of you can feel the liveliness, not knowing what it is. We are never alone. But please don’t take it as, let us say, along the phenomenal point of view. Life is life. And you learn to deal with life as one whole and not a sequence.

For instance, you learn in occult teachings that man has a physical body, an etherical body, an astral body, a mental body, all they have done, if you want. Reality is different. Division, exactly like in science is a convenience, not a reality. And most people do not realize that those divisions are conveniences for the sake of facilitating their explanation or something like that. Reality is a continuum.

Since quite a few years, for instance, we both have lost completely the sense of those ladders; there is a perfect continuum with no split anywhere. If we speak truly, if we speak let us say not for untrained minds, or if we speak between ourselves or so, we never speak in terms of physical, etherical, astral and so on. Never. It does not correspond to what we live.

Don’t take the convenience, or system used for expressing, as being the reality. There is a famous expression of Korzybski who said in the thirties, “the map is not the territory”. You would be surprised, symbolically speaking, how many people take the map for the territory. No it is not. It does not mean that we criticize the map, it does not mean that we condemn the map. As you probably know by experience, a map can be very useful. Get to find the street in the city, take the map, it’s easy. Reject the map because it’s not the territory (laughs) go into the territory and see how long you take to find that street. So it can be useful. But the confusion is often there between map and territory. How many people try to follow the exact recipe that you find in spiritual books? Only to find that well, life is different. Or you can make fantastic experiences.           When I was in the beginning, I tried once to follow one of those books, I don’t even remember what it was about. But it was a sequence, in order to reach a certain point; okay I did the sequence and reached that point. But then, surprise, only to find that I was already there. So the use of the experiment was to find out that I was already there. That means a sequence was not a reality. But, please, when you listen, we speak of another order of magnitude, where all those things are a lot more serious than what you find in the general public.  I give you an example.

Meditation is very popular. Right? You find groups and I don’t know how many groups who do that and apparently very effectively. According to popular standards, I have to add, now, they obtain this, they obtain that. Phenomenons. Let’s go back to St John of the Cross-. He made a very nice picture. Now, meditation does mean to go along the middle way. The Latin word doesn’t mean that… okay, St John of the Cross makes the picture of the Ascent to Mount Carmel.  This is when you go there, it’s kind of nice. There is a path on the left and there is a path on the right. And therefore you have a middle way.

Okay, the path on the left, if my memory is correct, that’s the worldly goodies. That means material goodies. But the path on the right is called spiritual goodies. The path in the middle, you go – nothing. You go, nothing. You go, nothing. You reach the top, nothing. A very, very adequate description. Present in mind, is centered on goodies and practically goodies only. Material goodies, you know about it. No problem. But there are lots of people who look for a spiritual life, how do they assess it? According to goodies again. You want to go along the path, you know that you develop all that ability this ability or some people want power. They have the power of second sight.  They have the power of healing. They have the power of whatever. The middle way, nothing , nothing, nothing.

And you have to learn to face that nothing. If you want ever to stop making projections of the existing consciousness into so called higher worlds or higher possibilities, or more refined conditions, learn to face nothing. Until, nothing makes sense. I told you a moment ago, I do see, we both do. If you ask us how we see, it’s not clairvoyance. We see nothing. But one day she used an expression that I found very nice. It’s a nothing that makes sense (laughter).

 Participant: it’s very true

 Martin (laughter) it’s very, very true.

 Participant: (inaudible)… That’s the real joy.

 Martin: Did you hear it?

 Participant: no thing

 Martin: No thing

 Participant: no thing

 Martin: When you speak of joy, you know, in common language to make a difference between joy and joy, I mean the emotional joy or the essence of joy. Some people speak of the essence of joy, but even the essence is something. But there is joy that has nothing. No shape, no emotion, no thoughts, no nothing. No thing. Same with music.  Questions?

 Participant: (inaudible) …why physical is no thing?

 Martin: Why physical?

 Participant: why physical? Why anything physical? Why?

 Martin: Well, that’s a freaky question. (Laughter) I try to solve it evidently.   Implicate order. We told you, as an example for you, our awareness of the physical is not like yours. There is an aspect of awareness that does not feel the wall as the wall, never. You see the floor, you see the wall, and it’s not moving. I mean, people are moving here, breathing and so on, but the walls don’t move. I am perfectly unable to see any substance not moving. It moves always.  But I do remember condition in which solid was solid.

I’ve been a mountain climber, rock climber, so the feel of the solid rock was very precise. It’s no more so. So when you ask, why that physical, simply to warn you if you really do work, your experience of the physical, your understanding of the physical will change completely. So, we cannot answer your question, because your question implies the physical, as you know it. Experience shows that, that kind of understanding can take, can take as I said before, another position, another point of view and there is a change. It’s bound to happen, yes?

 Participant: (inaudible)…a few years ago the thought occurred to me that objects that we see as physical because energy feeds that loop…I don’t understand…I thought maybe you could speak on that.

 Martin: I missed some of what you said.

 Participant:(inaudible) Taking an object like that wall, it appears solid because it feeds back on itself , I don’t understand and I wondered then…

 Martin: A kind of self reflexiveness. Maybe we can answer in a different way. Living now. Twenty past eight, this is how you understand now. Have you an idea of the implication of living the now, now? I will help you out because I’m afraid you don’t.  How do you recognize that, for example, a chair is a chair? You have references in your memory that tell you that shape is a chair, obviously. Where from comes that memory? In time, it does come from the past. In terms of now, that memory comes from the past. I speak, you hear words. You register those words in terms of the past, references. The word reference, in your computer brain, okay, you know what it means. Something you know already. You hear something, you bring it back to what you know, and then the word makes sense , because you depend on what you already know from the past.

Now tell me this being the condition, please use simple logics, how can you face the now? You cannot. Simply because whatever you live, apparently now, is there to it from the past. I’ve come across an explanation of the seer, in Patanjali. In substance, he says, the seer see’s without image and without memory. Now, we spoke about reference, memory is a system of reference. So in more modern language we could say the seer see’s without image and without reference. It’s perfectly alright. Then we can see now. Because you’re not depending on any reference which by definition belongs to the past, be it one second, be it centuries, but from the past. How can I live without those references? Your mind pretends that you cannot. Or then you goof. Your everyday experience shows that you can. Because your overall impression, as I said in the beginning, is an overall impression without image, without references, it’s an overall impression.

From that expression you can derive, different aspects, that means abstract. But the overall impression, remains an overall impression, without features. Without thingness to it. And you learn to respect it as is, instead of constantly wanting to reduce it to the function you call mind. So as you just said, for your chair for instance, there is that memory of that chair and you feed that memory. And you say, yes again, it’s a chair and it continues to be the chair and so on. Or you would be surprised some people take other points of view.

Suppose you know hard winters and suppose you freeze and your chair is wood and suddenly you see your chair not as chair, but as wood, which is needed for the present moment. And you burn that wood, and you heat yourself by that wood. The chair is gone. But by habit, you stay with the concept chair rather than the concept wood. Chair is made to sit on, so you sit on the chair. But this can change. You might have another use and then you might not call it a chair anymore. But I think you are referring to that psychological phenomenon called self reflexiveness.  That means you suppose that in order to do something you have to , let us say, I go with my hand from here to here. I have to be aware, all the way, until I am here. I reflect on myself where this hand stands and where I have to push it. It looks that way. It’s not that way. Conceptually, it’s an image that makes sense for some people. Practically it’s not so. There is a misunderstanding between two different functions. Conceptualization is a shaping. Movement is another function. A different function.

When camping, years past, I was playing with myself. I was in my sleeping bag in my tent, the sun was hot, it was time to get up. So I told myself get up, nothing happened. So I started thinking, how do I get up? Ok, you move this way, that way. Nothing happened. Just plain nothing. Finally, I said up and got up. Now it’s a play, it’s a game, but it’s an illustration.  If you think a movement it’s one proposition, doing the movement is another. It’s the whole difference between a u function and a m function. And most people don’t realize what the shift implies, going from one function to the other. Questions? We are using too much time (laughter)

 Participant: How is the music that’s being used by the sound and (inaudible)to help us, what effect does it have?

 Martin: None.


 Martin: Now, technically, it’s not fully quiet. But I’m used to, try to shock people you know, keep them awake. (Laughter)I hope we have today, time to show you there is something I do with music.

You have two types of action: the type of action of the music itself and then you have the type of action of what I do to the music. I use a kind of wording that makes sense in broadcasting or so, the music being played is used as a carrier wave, then I modulate that. Modulation is not heard, not seen, no nothing, but it works, like anything that comprises a nothingness. (Laughs) It does work. So simply be aware you have the effect of the music. For instance, for our own purpose if… lets say we are in training, training about centers of awareness for instance, we might use different music’s that relate to the center. So, for instance, we play one piece of music and we notice that overall, maybe not exactly everybody because sensitiveness are different, but overall, as average goes there is a certain center – or possibly two centers, that do respond. Now this we see, so it’s fairly easy for us. So you see the effect of the music. We call that the effect, that means the “effect”, can be catalogued as having, as matching certain functions that I implied in the working of the centers.

Example, you have music’s that work, let us say, middle zone, music’s that are meant for higher zone, music’s for lower zone. But, as you have seen in the book, the..this is an A region, that means man, I mean the species as a whole, is what we call a positive being. We make a difference between spirit and nature beings. Man is a spirit being. Incidentally, there is no judgement of value when you speak of spirit or nature. They are simply two polarities and both play. One day is everything seen differently, but for the time being so long there is that dichotomy, that means you don’t know what you really are, you have forgotten it, so long you are in incarnation, then there is a dichotomy. If there is a dichotomy, there is a dichotomy between spirit and nature. Later on this is gone.

As far as center of awareness are concerned, the upper region responds to super conscious, which is, in your experiences, closer to higher intuition.  Opposed to that, we have subconsciousness, below consciousness, that is more related to what is called nature side, sub. Little awareness of consciousness. Generally speaking you have the unconscious, but unconsciousness has a super aspect and a sub aspect. The sub aspect is not yet mastered by spirit side. That means, you have a much easier time, for instance to live an A quality here, which is super conscious. That you have to live an A quality, let us say, at the base of the spine. You cannot. You need training for that. If you want to live higher, higher than this, that means super conscious, awareness, you use a music that helps to respond to that. If you use nature music, like rock, hard rock, soft rock, any kind of jazz and so on, that’s nature side. It’s the primitive side in you.

You can build with music, you can destroy with music. You can make very simple experiment. Suppose you work hard, become sensitive, and you begin to see, feel, sense  finer conditions . Go to a rock festival, you lose everything. Just plain everything. Can even do worse, you can destroy something, on the level of the sensitiveness. Unfortunately, it’s something that is known by certain people, but unfortunately not by the general public. Man in not equipped to react to music, you are usually equipped to react with words. A word come, you can refuse it or you can accept it. Music you let go through right away, bang. And that in present day time, is very dangerous. Never say music has no effect, it’s not true. So depending on what you want to do, be careful with music. Be careful. We are involved in a work that covers whole mankind and we do see the effect.  For mankind as a whole, it’s not very pleasant. How unknowingly the seed of destruction is put into circulation. In possibly a very attractive way.

Thingness, how it ties you to thingness, nature side. And you lose all your freedom. So simply, be careful. You choose, you hear, so it’s your choice.

 Participant: I think you hear from the way you talk, that there’s no need in your way of seeing things to imply some sort of organized presence or power to plant that, plant bad seeds and have bad stuff grow.

 Martin: That would be the old way of looking at things, what I call the old way. There is another point. As you know we change…times are changing. Cycles are changing. Several cycles do change now, small cycles, big cycles and so on. So there is a rather big change on the way. It’s the time where the end zone will be opened to spirit. That means a new type of awareness. The sensory awareness is nowadays governed by this center. In the direction of the sensory, but deeper, there are other types of awareness, that belongs to the end zone.   As some of you know in your life you are tested sometimes…

Tape Two

Martin: Okay, now we are deluged with that kind of music. What can you do with it? What is your ability? Can you keep the high note or do you lose it? It’s a test. It’s a very serious test.

We can use any type of music. The most primitive one and make you come out with spirit. But unless you train you can’t do it, but you are supposed to be able to.

 Participant: When you say that kind of music is dangerous, it also is an opportunity.

 Martin: Exactly, this is what I am saying. If you know how to use it, it’s an opportunity. If you are passive, that means subjected to it, then it will destroy things.

 Participant: I guess it depends on where you take the picture from.

 Martin: Yep, but in this case where you take the picture from, implies the ability to take the position. A conceptual ability does not help you. It has to be a practical ability.

 Participant: Can you touch on a bit of that conceptual taste, taste by which I mean music, rock music, that is very popular and actually is upbeat. Can I be changed by it?

 Martin: You ask if it can? As I just said, it depends on your ability. If you ask if something can be, yes it can be. Theoretically speaking. Practically speaking, look around you.

 Participant: What is the information you are transmitting by meaningful music?

 Martin: What is the…?

 Participant: What is the information you are transmitting by meaning of the music?

 Martin: How are we going to answer that? That information is a word that is used practically for the mind. We are dealing with the comedian, so the language is utterly and completely different, but you do respond. Even unconsciously. So do we speak of the information on the comedian level or do we speak on the mind level? I surmise that your question was from the mind. I have to repeat, let us deal with a higher order of magnitude. See how hard it is? And that has to be done tonight. Tomorrow we work.

 Participant: I don’t understand, that if you are to withstand the vibration of the lower end music, you have to continuously work at crediting yourself to be strong enough to …

 Martin: Yeah. Right , when you …that is explained in the book. There are two aspects. There are not only physical, but the persona but has to respond finer, finer, finer, finer. The spirit has to get stronger, stronger, stronger, stronger. You need a lot more power to go into the bass note in music than the treble notes, many times more. So symbolically speaking, you need many times more spirit power. This is how we can speak, by analogy  with electronics. In reality, that power is not a power your mind knows. There is a different aspect to it, which does not express in terms of power, but which is exactly the same. You have an expression like “one pointedness”. When you establish a direction, that direction is set, period. What can be so sharp and so strong, that it can be frightening. One thing I have to say you, there is no way that you can use a m center unless you’re A here is fully operative. Because this is the place where you have in the persona the greatest spirit response. And this has to be established, solid.

It is not by concentrating on the A U & M in the M region that you develop them. No. It simply means you put your attention on them. The comedian is working. It’s his own that practically, consciously wise, you have no power on it.

 Participant: What is the new reality that you speak of near the end of your book?

 Martin: What about the end of the book? The whole book is meant to help you in a fairly simple way, that you find usually pretty difficult, but don’t worry, once you are over, you find it simple.


It prepares you for something different, completely different. Then you feel like babbling babies. It’s a very typical experience. But babbling babies have a ferocious tendency to go, you know.

 Participant: Can I understand then that what you said was that the high spiritual aspect overshadows everything else and holds it there?

 Martin: What about the shadow?

 Participant: You assume being the position of…when the A center is open is the overshadow of the whole life?

 Martin: Now I happen to know that the word overshadowing is used in literature, yes. Don’t use that image, because the mind doesn’t understand it. Things are already here. Let’s take another image.

Until the field we speak of ,man having been helped along by the lords from Venus, now be careful it does not mean at all that they do come from Venus. Take it as a symbol. And then, at the other end, you have the lords from Mercury, that are not necessarily from Mercury, it’s a symbol, that draw mankind towards them. That’s a linear image, you are to understand that. But there is one thing very important in it. You have people at the start, here, that push you along. That has to do with, in your awareness, with a sense of causality. This base trigger that and that along the way. You go, for instance, in psychology, you go back to childhood trauma to try to help  solve some problems, that have built up from that so called cause. Fortunately today they realize that you don’t have one cause, you have many aspects. But not long ago there was one cause.

Okay here we have the image of a cause. Here at the other end you have the goal. Finality. These help you to start, these give you the result. The result is already here. You go from going towards, to bringing out that result. It’s a complete change of position. So when you speak of overshadowing, I would by far prefer that you adopt the image of being for instance, comedians in training. It would be a lot more closer to reality.  I told you we deal with another order of magnitude. I don’t know how long it will take to practice it.

 Participant: By the sound of the words that you are saying, things are, seems to open up a space and I’m having trouble with the words. There’s a sort of a…a, an openness in me.

 Martin: Right

 Participant: And as if there, something comes ,then it makes this part of my head tingle and then it seems to go again.

 Martin: It goes again when you are self reflexive. That means you suddenly realize that it is so. The moment you realize it, it’s gone. Then you stop realizing it, then it comes back (laughs). Until you change position.

 Participant: It scares me though. I’m afraid my body…

 Martin: Why not?

 Participant: My body feels scared.

 Martin: Why not? If you like to be scared, please (laughter in room)

 Participant: I don’t like the way I’m feeling

 Participant: I don’t feel like I’m feeling, I’m always tingling.

 Martin: who is I? Please realize right now, you have changed position as you spoke of that. Meaning : first you spoke of something that was at work. That’s not put a label, but you felt it all around. And then you speak of being scared, the all around is gone. And you are suddenly centered in your head. Now do you, you can’t follow?

 Participant: It seems to go like this.

 Martin: It comes and goes. Let’s take it under another angle. You said, as I speak, this happens. That means you tune in, in a different way. As soon as you speak of the scary aspect, the connections broken. See? That means, in other terms, the field in which we live is no more available, so you fall back in the old field you used to live in. I told you when you want to convey something you have to create a field, not just what you say or do. But you have to provide the field in which the experience is possible. And this is what happens when you relate. Scary aspect, that comes all the time, some people never experience it, some people sometimes do.  Well usually it’s called the fear of the unknown. I challenge that.

I would rather see the fear of the pretended unknown.  I do challenge that because this is precisely what you are looking for. And what you are looking for is frightening you that means there is a discrepancy. Now if you stay with what you are looking for as being normal and natural, the fear is gone. You might also have some fear of losing some goodies. Remember the goodies? Material, spiritual. That means you intuit, I don’t know how you can use a better word than that , you intuit a different condition.  But you don’t know yet how that will relate to everyday experience.

There is one aspect you ought to take in yourself. I propose two aspects in life, one I call survival, that the personas for which is everything. But then there is another aspect that most people forget, not all people. You came and asked to do something, independently of the survival aspect. You are here to bring out something. Take that position and the fear is gone. See? You came on earth to do something. We spoke of near death experiences. Practically all who have gone through it have suddenly found they have to do something, to bring something. You don’t need to go near death for that. Simply have to be consistent with yourself. Now let’s continue.

 Martin: (drawing on board)  My, my, we are going to go past midnight, possibly. (laughs)No, no, no. In the book we have spoken of the square, or now we have let us say one…two..three..four…five, six, seven, eight, nine. That’s the beautiful square in the book, you know. That means nine aspect of consciousness and if we divide this a zone of time in mans evolution, it’s a multi…it’s a symbol you can use in different ways.

You have three centers of awareness awakening, you are shifting towards the next. One higher opening. one lower opening. That means ones own towards a super conscious that is higher than the mind. Now, please register higher than the mind means different. I have to insist on that. Don’t be stubborn. Lower than the sensory, lower than sensory means different. Right?  This.

Now what I want to introduce is something else a bit more serious. We have well, what I call the hologram. The hologram is one big square, now. I made it curved because space is curved and this is a lot, a lot bigger than that. We have symbols, now what do you see? Well I make it right. Three levels that I do call… here we can speak of different dimensions. For instance we have three centers working, we work with three dimensions. Practically speaking, we measure practically anything along three coordinates to situate something that is three dimensional. That means if we have that flat surface, place another coordinate here then we can put in the cube or whatever, a thickness if you want. Here we speak not of dimensions but of orders of life. Now, I spoke of order of magnitude.  When I speak order of life, I do mean something totally different. I chose the word order rather than dimension simply for the sake of convenience. A different order of life in this respect means that when you live in this square, that’s where we are symbolically, you function in this order of life. Any function above that, for instance here, is of a different order. Now this is the moment to realize that different means different. That means all the systems of references, you here, cannot be applied here, all of them. Okay, implication. Please follow. That’s one order of life, that’s another order of life.  Training, we cannot say another order of life if the word is used here, we cannot use it here. That much difference. That means we cannot project anything from here into here. It’s technically  not correct.

We have a symbol here. That symbol here is modified, here… that’s one type of function, that’s another type of function… that includes that one, plus a difference. And here we can do something that is still      different. We put an arrow, symbolically. This I call the spaceship. It’s some fantasy. And as you know in science fiction, spaceship or something completely routine. But it does mean this is not bound to by earth. This I have called, the greenhorn. That’s you. All of mankind. There is a relation between that condition and that, this relation can be illustrated as literacy from here…we draw a line and we have that coming through, that means this is magnified and projected here. So this actually belongs in here. It does mean that all knowledge of any kind including the highest spiritual knowledge, belongs in here. That’s the rule of the game. Because there is a practice related to that. The practice related to that is …if you want to get in connection to that, you have to be able to face not just nothingness ,the kind of nothingness you have in your mind, but another order of life, utterly completely different.

Now you hear me say utterly, completely different, I ought to say different, because different  means different. I have to add utterly, completely because when I say different, first thing you do you project this condition into that one. No we said different. Different means different. No projection whatsoever. Can you for a moment, feel yourself sitting here? You are here anyway facing another order of life. Do it for a moment, right now.

Now can you observe that you are looking for… if you are looking for another order of life, you are using a tool belonging to that. A tool belonging to that is meant for that, not for that. So you cannot go looking for it. I try to show you some implications.  Seen from the angle of evolution, I said man is here, the center of gravity is here in another order of life. Comedian is here, the true center of gravity is here. That means you need the training that is a lot more than simply what you understand as nothingness. Training with the hologram, that’s simply a picture. But it’s when you really work, is a very serious matter. And it takes a quite a while to “sit” in front of another order until it begins to be a reality. And the reality is shocking, meaning, there is nothing of that, it’s an other order of life. Completely, totally. So obviously it is unknown, but that’s the rule of the game.

There is a teaching related to that it’s the only teaching I call teaching. All else is to be practiced right away when I speak. It’s not a teaching, it’s a practice. The building of the spaceship, implies the builder, which is the pilot. Pilot of the spaceship. You can see, you can apply that to you, if you want, you can apply that to the whole creation. This is the blueprint of the building of the spaceship. Spaceship is man, incidentally. Not as you know it. So the pilot is not the creation. The pilot is the one building that, symbolically, the whole hologram. Some people call that God, but if I speak God you turn back into religion. That means acquire the ideas, concepts, so we use a fantasy world . The pilot. So the teaching is when the pilot dwells in the all encompassing condition, he’s said to be the seer. When the pilot dwells in the all encompassing love, he’s said to be the knower. When the pilot dwells in the all encompassing beauty, he’s said to be the doer. Can you tell me the implications?

One thing. I wonder how many of you did notice it. When the pilot dwells in the all encompassing condition, we could say the all encompassingness if you want, he’s said to be the seer. The teaching doesn’t say he is the seer, the teaching says he’s said to be the seer. That’s rather important. You can be sure that if you don’t control your mind then immediately he will be the seer there. Or the knower, or the doer. No, the pilot is the pilot all along. Hasn’t changed. It’s simply because you observe it, you say “hey, he looks like a seer”.

Now, another point. When he dwells within a condition he’s said to be, no where is it said he has to learn. He doesn’t learn to see. If he dwells in that condition, he’s said to be the seer. That pops up. Now the seer, it’s perhaps difficult, but let us take the knower.Transcription : Martin. Tape Two, side Two.

Martin: I’ll be careful, I have just in mind something that I’m hearing from time to time.  Martin’s teaching. What is Martins teaching? I told you three sentences with the hologram that’s all. Never say again Martins teaching. What is a teaching? Let us say you take notes. Okay, I teach since…well, forty years. Teach. Meaning people take notes.  So once I asked one of these, or two or three that are taking notes in the room, what do you do with them? Nothing. I mean, practically. They have the notes at home, but they never use them. Taking notes means, you put into the future what is happening now. It’s happening now. You feel a kind of dynamics, you feel it now. It has to play now. It’s not a matter of taking home and pondering over, forget it.  The only thing you can do at home is continue to practice.

Another point, related to that. Be very careful with your consciousness. Because it can be terribly done, a lot more than you think. Example: You sense a somewhat higher condition, all the possibilities. Whatever the sensing is, but you sense it. Okay so you go home and you try to reach it. And this is where your beautiful silliness begins. You fail to realize that you have already expressed it right here, right now. So you want to reach it, that means reaching something, you have already done. Because you live it now. And when you try to reach it, you deny what has already happened. Discipline asks for you to live what has happened. That means continue to live it. Not deny it, let it continue as an activity of you the comedian please. It’s another order of magnitude, you the comedian. When you do respond to what we do right now, you as comedian do respond. And some of you might realize that response is beyond the minds understanding. Something much more intimate than the mind, much closer to the real you, so close that it makes the real you bloom. Why would you deny that? Be careful.

 Participant: Will you speak to us about faith?

 Martin: What do you expect? No, faith is a word. What do you imply in that word?

 Participant: Um, the unknown. The movement, the not knowing where you are going and you get going anyway?

 Martin: Faith in this respect I don’t know. I have no faith whatsoever, because I happen to know what I do. You are speaking of what peoples call very often blind faith. Some people deal with the word  faith in a much higher order, but let us say on the popular level faith is a kind of blind clinging to something. You want to be spiritual, cling to the bible. Do you understand the bible? You have some very embarrassing situations. Let us say in the beginning, for instance, it is spoken of Elohim. That’s translated by God. Now Elohim is a feminine plural, so it’s kind of shocking. That means those that have translated that by God, understanding it as God, have not done their homework. That comes into what I call a higher order of magnitude. True spirituality, is very, very demanding , a lot more than science.  And the rule is what you can do, not what you understand. It is very straight. And the ability to take responsibilities, not work for your own benefit. You are here on Earth to do something, so go ahead and do it.

There is another example in the bible. When Nicodemus met Jesus, Jesus told him “ I saw you under the fig tree”. Nicodemus answered “Rabuni!” –  which means master. Now Nicodemus was a physician. He was more than that, he was a doctor in the how you would call that, the law. That means he was very well versed in what we now would call religion, in the books. How come he called Jesus master right away? There is a clue: the tree. But those who translate have forgotten the symbolism used. People speak of a secret language. It’s not that secret. But if you haven’t done your homework, you don’t understand it. Or you have something that is shocking. There were the disciples working with Jesus and they were speaking about Elias. And Jesus said “but Elias was there, you didn’t recognize him”. John the Baptist was Elias. It’s very plain.

You still find Churches denying reincarnation. Not only churches, how many of you believe in reincarnation? Now….

Participant: Can you define this please?

 Martin: Define reincarnation?

 Participant: Yes.

 Martin: I wouldn’t do that, meaning the word is clear. You come back in flesh, whether it’s edible or not is another question.


 Martin: I want to challenge you. Those who believe in reincarnation and say it’s not true, you don’t believe in it. You have blind faith but you’re not true believers. You know why? You have a ferocious tendency to stick to a mind that you have developed from childhood on, denying yourself completely…all your past experiences and that includes spiritual training. You act all the time as if what was playing in you was the product of this incarnation, that means only from childhood on. And that’s all. If reincarnation is real for you, you ought to make allowance for hidden possibilities that are at hand and could easily be operated. But are not operative simply because of the block you put in front.

Please mediate on the word development. It does mean taking the envelopes away. But this is not the way you see it, but it’s its meaning. What you are is hidden by veils. You take the velopes or veils, away. You develop. And you’ll notice if you work seriously that taking the veils off is really what you have to do. Really, really. It’s not a matter of developing your higher self. It’s already there. But you have to take away what is hiding it. It has been hidden for a long time, but now is the time to unveil it.  I didn’t answer to your question because if I did, it will just be another theory. Meaning the level on which the question is asked is a level of a concrete mind, it’s not life experience. So the answer would be taken on that level and we just don’t care about that. I told you the experience of life is different from any description. By different I mean a lot richer, not just different, same level you know.

 Participant: Going back a little bit, when you said that the square, the part that has the… (inaudible) all the high spiritual knowledge still keeps to that one square. Are you talking the explicit or implicit spiritual knowledge.

 Martin: Implicit.

 Participant: I find it really challenging.

 Martin: It’s more than challenging. It’s deadly. (Laughter in background) I don’t know if you realize the magnitude of the task. I went to it, I know what it is, but it’s a discipline, a very severe discipline. One of the severest you can do because every time you have a reference, that means your mind says ‘oh that’s fine’, ‘oh’ this and that – away with it. It’s not that order. Every time until your mind stops. And actually not only mind, your consciousness. Because the same way the sensory , the same….nothings can be tremendously beautiful, so there is a tendency to shape it. You know when you face another order of life. Let’s say you have first to go through the three nights St John of the Cross spoke of. That kind of nothingness has first to be met. When this is met, you can take the other step. Because the other step is not just nothingness as you experience it consciously.

 Martin: What should come also…?

 Participant: Just that, as you were talking earlier things were kind of getting out of place for me and I feel I can drop that…

 Martin: Sure. Well you just say, express some of the problem. Your mind has not yet realized that different is different. I know it’s… you cannot do it right away. It’s a very severe discipline. I told you it is very demanding. So you have first, let us say first type of difference in which your senses are no good. Your, all your  knowledge, all your mind is no good and your deepest sense of identity is no good either.  Arrow is arrow. But the first arrow you meet are simply in the square new sub squares. New levels of awareness that was, let us say supra or sub conscious. And they become conscious. When you feel them coming, it seems like other. But then you realize that they do belong to the same system. So I do have an exercise that I have already given in other groups and it’s this: you can do it right away. You face other, you face other. Other means other. That means whatever pops into your mind no, other, different. You face other. At the same time, you live. Live. Final, final, final ,final. Always final. Relaxed and more relaxed and more relaxed. You live it as if you think it. Live it throughout the body, but face other.

To help you perhaps, every cell in the body is cognitive in it’s own way. The brain is simply centralizing the information. That each part of the body is cognitive, a lot more than you are aware of because you deal with the brain and you think this is where you are cognitive, no. You are cognitive all over. So the final, final applies to all the cells of the body. And each cell feels it, lives it, radiates it. Facing other. If you have an awareness of final bodies that’s included, final also.  My children that needs training. And you do that repeatedly every day  until other begins to make sense. Other is an aspect of emptiness, void, nothing.

No, no, no, no. I see too many minds at work. Incidentally you can practice that, you have all night until tomorrow. (Laughter in room) I want you to practice another exercise because we are going to use it tomorrow, so if you have practice it, you will be expert already which will make the experience clearer. There is a center here. Don’t concentrate on the center, concentrate on here with no label. Just below that hollow here, from the breast bone. And you relax and relax and relax as completely as possible. And you will notice that as you do relax, there is a tendency of the relaxation to naturally, I say naturally, not willfully, spread wider and wider and wider. I show this direction, it goes in all directions this way, all directions the other way around until you feel it spreading in the back. But keep some awareness of it spreading along the collar bone to the shoulders. That means persist until it invades that region. I have reason for that. If you have stress on your heart, or a heart problem, this will help you a lot, provided you can really relax here and feel the relaxation taking over. You have reflex points in this region that do work on the heart, so the extension only that helps already, but the extension towards the shoulder helps a lot too. So it’s a useful practice. But there are a lot of repercussions, physically and psychologically, both. But tell it to find out for yourself. But relaxing means relaxing. And that means once you are perfectly relaxed, start all over again. You will find new levels of relaxing, until you go so deep that you suddenly know what psychosomatic’s are all about. How you can bring sickness through tensions in the body, psychological tensions. Psychological tensions, you have the body responding to them, so you have tensions in the body. Incidentally that relaxing ,and the final, final ,facing other and relaxing, that means complete relaxation- taking your mind, that all movement you do implies a tension, obviously. I cannot move my hand if I don’t act – tense -some muscles. So on the persona level, and I would say on the ego level, all movement implies tension. On the spirit level, the reverse is true. So watch out when you act. You can act in the usual way, I would say nature way, and you tense in the acting. Even you tense for higher or with the higher quality. Learn to do the reverse. Let it come out fully relaxed. Depending on what you do, you do both at the same time: the relaxing and tensing. That means in the field, in the relaxed field, you let your persona act. If I move my hand, I have to do it. But I don’t need to be tense about it. So you have a relaxed background. But if you want to master it, you have to know both aspects.

It’s ten o’clock. You still have a little bit of courage. Please realize you didn’t have any recess. I was asked if I would allow for recess’s. I said abruptly, no. I have a reason for that. You have to learn to be centered in a certain way longer and longer and longer. You will notice that if you are truly centered, it lasts usually a few seconds. The beginning it’s already something. And one day it’s half an hour, one day it’s a hour, one day it’s two hours. One day you shift to center radically. It’s, in order to make things tomorrow easier, I would like you to introduce you to what we mean by playing with the music. Not the way we do, I don’t mean modulating the music, but responding to the music. The usual response, that practically everybody can do, when the music is playing, you feel playing yourself. Okay, that is not what we want.

I take the image of the loudspeaker. We have loudspeakers. No sound, they don’t move. But when they start moving, sound is coming out. The response in music, means that every cell of your body all over, and all over includes your head, inside your head. I say that because your head is used to observe, that means all the body except inside of the head. I don’t know if you already watched that. When you live something you feel your body doing this and that, you have your head observing all the body, but not inside of the head. Okay, include inside of the head.       When you vibrate to music, each cell is a loudspeaker and each cell includes your own brain. If you are sensitive to final then the physical body, okay you just imaginate cell of that final condition. If you can it cell, we don’t care. But everything vibrates. At a little bit more advanced stage, each cell of the body vibrates, each “cell” of your sensory awareness vibrates. Each “cell” of your mental awareness vibrates, all together, simultaneously, get the picture? There is simultaneously, another aspect. The music moves.  Bass, highs, so it goes up and down constantly. Constantly movement. You feel the music doing that within the body, constantly moving. It can be over the whole body, let us say highs in the head, bass in the feet. And going all over, you may start with that if you want to. And then you will notice that this varies tremendously, it can be the reverse. Highs in the feet, lows in the head. Then it can happen then that all over is accompanied simultaneously by local plays, for instance you can respond all over and the whole play, up and down, play in your head only or simultaneously. Or in part of the body only. That means the more trained you are, the more complex you can play the game. So that means you sound music. You, I mean ,all the instrument does sound, sound, all of you. It’s not your imagination playing. I tell you right away it’s very easy to see, you might be able to observe it. Down in San Diego, we are used to observe it. The usual expression, for instance, I use my hand when I express. Okay that means it goes down to the hand. That’s already known. What about your feet? The feet can respond and play the music just as well. So we look at the feet. Do they vibrate or not? Once you have lived vibration you will be able to see it all around, it’s not that difficult. And then you have the embarrassing situation when you imagine strongly in your head that the body has to respond, the feet have to respond and so on and they don’t do it. Because you don’t allow them to do it. You want them to do as your head dictates. The feet can play their own game. Remember consciousness is all over the body, it’s not because you did learn to use your head only that it’s only that. How many people are sensitive to the hands for instance? Lots of people, so we speak of intelligent hands that can tell to the brain some features, positively. So be careful, don’t order from your head, allow everything to vibrate, that kind of surge of music, okay?

So let’s play Paganini. The object of the game we’ll let you do, you can do what you want, what you can do – not what you want. Do your best, no less.  Okay now assess the situation, you may even look at the feet of everyone, how much they do respond. First time it’s not very speaking, some people feel spontaneously but some others don’t. But as I said little by little you get used to it. The more you live it the more you can sense it.

As you notice when I ask you to assess it, you see suddenly all the activity in the head. Assess it lively, livance wise, all over. When you feel, let us say, sounding, all over the body assessing is done in the same way. Not by an abstraction from the mind. The mind can participate, but it’s a participation, not an exclusivity.  Then watch the surrounding in which you do it. That means the field in which you work, you forgot completely about a higher order of magnitude. So lets play the game together. Same sounding of the music, but the surrounding will be different, okay?

Well, we have a different situation and incidentally look at the feet, they feel different, don’t they? Not only the feet, the whole body. Incidentally too, for the majority of you, you will notice that this is active. In spite of consciousness. That means there is another type of response. You have to get used to it and teach your consciousness to respect it as it is, don’t reduce it. Questions?

 Participant: I understand from the very process, I understand you can take us to that more quickly is that true?

 Martin: Told you we have to do that, the work of ten years in a few hours. Then you might not believe it and that stand s in the way. Meaning it’s up to you to discard all your habits and tune into what is going on. I take the opportunity, for instance, in the groups I have heard very often of people speaking about the work and participating. I have an expression, we are professionals in the field.  That means, we have come on Earth to do the job. We are not alone. You see Martin here speaking, you see Georgette there, doing nothing. (Laughter in room) and then you see Martin looking at Georgette, no? And the reverse is true also. This is not what is happening. In spite of appearances, I never look at what you see as being Georgette.  There are other aspects. That for us are very real. And to be true doing the work is very convenient because if you saw the field you are generating and what we have to win through, you would be appalled. So at least there is a place where there is no problem. And that makes things a lot easier. Now that’s only one point of view, we could describe it in a better way, perhaps. But you have one big problem, I wish you could see what happens there. But for the time being I’m afraid you cannot. She’s terribly expert in nothingness. (laughter in room). So tomorrow when we play music, during as you notice, during the music there is an action being done. I do repeat, the order of magnitude is a lot bigger than you are aware of ,because your awareness is not trained for that, school does not teach you to be aware of that.  I would even say that school sometimes destroys the existing awareness. I have just in mind for instance, when I was at University and there was an annex that prepared people to deal with small children. There was that lady who asked the children what they experienced at Christmas. And the small boy came to her and said ‘oh it was so beautiful, there was the big angel by the Christmas tree’. Now, you might think it is a fantasy. Many children have the natural ability to see more than the usual eyes.

Tape three

Martin:  ….That are for you absolutely and completely objective. I can give you an experience, for instance, I used to in the past to work on the level of energies. Okay so I was familiar with energies. So, when modulating music, I applied energies. Then came the time when I had to go beyond energies. And believe me or not, I was uneasy. Because energy is very concrete in the usual sense and higher than energy, related to that position, is very abstract, very refined. Too much refined. How effective? Well in the usual way, I had to go ahead anyway and I did it and found it to be more effective, not less. So there is a terrible misunderstanding with the word concrete, thinking that final aspects are less…it’s also shaded with effectiveness, unfortunately. And thus, finer aspects being less effective than courser aspects. The reverse is true.  So, just for the pleasure of it, we’ll play a last piece with Chopin this time, together.

For us to be aware, that room is completely different than it was at the beginning. Maybe you have lost contact with the beginning, so different it is. Now physically the room is the same, the feel of it changes.  That means you are in a different surrounding.  So practice, that relaxation and especially the one here, because we are going to come back on it tomorrow.  So, was it hard enough? The hardest part is still to come, you know.

Let us say, the quality of life is not present in the music itself. As I said, remodulated. And so long you cannot do it, until you will be able to modulate some, why not? I have known a person playing some of the music we played, playing it all day long. It has a terrible psychological draw back, because when we play together, that means we play with you, there is a certain quality of life coming in. You are new, you are fresh, you live it from how? Intuitively. But if you play the same music and repeat it and repeat it, you take a set. You create a kind of conditioned reflex, you come back, for instance, to work with us. We use the same music. For quite awhile you might not be able to live what the others live simply because you have a conditioned reflex: that music, that mood, automatically. No, it’s changing constantly. So you have to be able to listen to music, any music, all the time, in a constantly renewed position or mood. And that applies for ordinary  music too. If you have the habit of coming again and again in the same mood, something is not working, you are stagnant. Life changes.

I repeat with the experience we had yesterday. You let all the cells all over the body vibrate freely. Don’t tell yourself anything, meaning – don’t tell yourself do this, do that -because that simply means the mind takes over and this is no good, because this makes a block. The greatest difficulty when music is playing is the block, given by mostly the mind, sometimes the emotions. In that case, relax. Relax, relax, relax. And in the other case, when everything works, relax also. So, it’s actually very simple: relax completely, as much as you can. One point you have to be aware, as keenly as possible, we address the comedian, not the persona. So you’re, we don’t ask the persona to make any special effort, it’s you as comedian who is acting, you as comedian who is responding. The comedian awareness is a different type, very obviously. How does it come through? In your consciousness, this is just a matter of time. That means consciousness has to get used to the presence of the comedian. Little by little, you gather some evidence. But at the same time, little by little, you also long to function with a consciousness that is, in ordinary language, expanded. But there is more to it than that, not just expansion. There is a different kind of awareness coming through and for this you have to be ready, but you don’t seem to be aware of, keenly enough, some of you not at all, some of you a little bit, a different consciousness is working all the time. It’s not something you have to build or acquire, it’s something you have to unveil. It’s one of the most difficult aspects I have to convey.

We see it working. That means we are here to tell you, we can testimony “yes, it works, it’s here”. But until you realize that this is true, it takes quite awhile.  I noticed yesterday a few of you do respond soul wise. That means, something more tangible for some of you, the term soul than the term comedian. If this happens when music plays, simply go deep, deep, deep heart. If some of you feel, likely, yesterday we had one of you saying “I feel here”. When you go deep, deep, deep heart, usually you’re emotions are involved too, but it touches soul. If you go to the same depth with this center here, emotions are gone. You are completely in a deeper quality, higher condition. It’s not exactly higher, it’s different, it’s more subtle. The concrete consciousness has a much lesser grip on it, so you feel a lot more free. But don’t try to do it from brain out. Do it from deeper part up. And there are other ways too, but you have to get started somewhere. Okay?

So, action is on the level of the greater order of magnitude, addressing the comedian, not the persona. So forget your persona. When the comedian acts, the comedian starts acting on the persona, so something happens in the persona anyway. You might call it a readjustment. Some degree of  readjustment beginning on the finest level, so not used to finest level, you might not be aware of it. If you are used to finer levels, you will be aware of it. Anyway, you feel somewhat different. It will not last, in the beginning. You need repetition until it holds. Like with everything. Let’s play the first piece.

Long ago when I practiced, how you call that? Guided fantasy. It’s a psychological way of dealing with situations, problems. There was, what I called, going to the sun. A symbol. It happened usually that way. I asked a person to imagine a landscape or so, the person is in a certain condition and there is that mountain. And so the person wants to climb that mountain, okay, let’s climb that mountain. When the person was on top, I asked, what do you want to do?  Well sometimes mountain top is sufficient. And sometimes from what I hear from time to time, most psychologists stop at that place. But it does happen that the person is ready for something else and instead of going down the mountain or in the mountain or something like that, the person wants to go higher. Okay, let’s go higher. So, next step is usually the clouds. Well they want to go higher. Incidentally ,you know, that’s critical to spaceship. It’s going away, higher and higher. And then the person goes through different stages. And, interestingly enough, always the same stage, meaning there is a rule behind. Until, now the top. The person get’s completely lost, completely disoriented. Not as you are disoriented on Earth, disoriented in space. Nothing around, the impulse of going higher and higher has been spent. That relates to the same symbolism I spoke of yesterday, the Lords of Venus and Lords of Mercury.  So you have the symbol of the Lords of Venus, the impulse to go higher and higher until it is spent. And then, now what? Lost, no direction, no impulse, nothing. It’s completely black.

We spoke of the three nights, you’ll find them again. Then I say, now look around. There is a point attracting you. So the person looks around and sure enough, there is a point attracting, a point of light, usually at an angle and higher. So the person goes towards that point of light, which happens to be a big sun. Symbol of the sun. Okay, let’s go to the sun. The person comes to the sun, faces the sun, beautiful ,big sun, lot’s of light and so on. So I say to the person, now, go into the sun, to the very center. So the person goes into the sun, to the very center. What do you feel? “Oh, it’s a wonderful light all around me”. Okay, so I say to the person  now turn around and face the way you came from. The person turns around. Now what do you feel? Usually a moment of silence and surprise. The rays start from me, I am the sun. Now that’s a very important symbol and scientifically speaking, very interesting, because it did happen a hundred percent of times for those who could go to the sun, always the same pattern. Now in my language, that pattern is inbred in man, existing there. I didn’t create it, it was there. And every time, same pattern, same law. Turn around 180 degrees and suddenly you are the sun. So long you haven’t turned around, you are not the sun, you have the sun around you. That ought to be a lesson.  That means so long you, that old symbol in the charts you know, the windows are built that way and so on, they are reaching up. So long you are reach up, towards the sun, you cannot be the sun. We could make an analogy, the radiance of the sun goes out and you go against the rays, against the current by reaching towards the sun. When you turn around you go with it. Then you can be the sun. The turning around is the change between childhood and adulthood. You give. Told you.

Now what is interesting in that, I’m glad to have remembered it, is that I didn’t create a pattern, I didn’t devise it, I found it imprinted spontaneously in the people who could go through that. The stages I don’t want to tell about, the different stages to go through, the different colourings and so on. Always the same, always at the same place. That means there is a knowledge inside that can be expressed symbolically along that way, but you have to turn around. Children say ‘papa give me, mama give me’. How do you approach Jesus or Christ or God? Papa give me, Give me, give me. Did it ever occur to you, that you could help in God? Now when I sound God in your minds, I have really childish image coming back. No sense of reality. That’s part of education, you have to outgrow that. We, for instance, are looking for people who may help in the work we do. That turning around and giving up. I used to say bluntly, if you come here for your own benefit, forget it. That’s plain English language. I have always been amazed how people could hear that and smile and say yes, and never do it. They don’t realize that it is for truth, it’s really that. The ability to take responsibility and start moving the whole thing. We are specially equipped to deal down to comedian level, of soul level. Lower than that, we need help. And at the present time, lower than that, I have a tendency to give it to others to do. Deal with the psyche, deal with the psychological aspect or even physical aspect or so, let others do that. What I call the cycling, the putting into the cycle of life, everyday life, that’s for you to do it. So it’s a position. It’s a position of an adult and the work is to align the instrumentality so that you can come through, out. What is working when we play comes through, out. It doesn’t lift you because that what is lifted is already here, down. We do not speak of theory as you begin to realize, we are not quoting books except to find a way of speech. So I give you reference, like St John of the Cross or so, because those images can be used, but we do not deal with you according to a book we have read, never. And we are not a school in which we teach. If we do something, we shape, prepare, modify the persona until among those who are somewhat modified, we find people who are able to work.

When you hear me speaking, you hear one person speaking. I told you yesterday we are never alone. And when we act, we act always as a we, simply that we don’t see the others of the we, but it is always so. I have no percent on what I do, it’s not registered with the state and so on, I have no possessiveness on it. Another point important, we are not here, I mean even on the level of persona; I tell you my own experience, mine persona wise, I have no desire whatsoever to reach a higher stage of a musician. Which is a very classical way to put things. We are to learn, we are here to grow, we are here to…when will you awaken to what you have to do on Earth? Not just survival, it’s a giving out. Don’t go against the rays of the sun, go with the rays and then you will be the sun, okay? So let’s play the next one.

Let us say take us to the persona, it’s for you to do. The things you have to find ways. Example for instance, we have an example, Sandra has found a way. Doesn’t mean that everybody has to follow it or imitate the same aspect, find your own way. You might wonder how to find it. It’s an idle question. Live what has to be lived first. As you live it, you find a way. I tell you something of my own history. I know many people are troubled, ‘how should I do it’ and so on and so on. I was put on a rough school, if you want, the way I started to speak to people was so. We had tea at the place where people, very few people came, discussing around the tea cup about Hindu law, spirituality or so. One day I was invited there and there was that lady who said, after awhile, ‘why don’t you come to my group? I have a group at seven o’clock’ It was Christian something. I said, okay. That means I had no time to prepare a speech, no time for nothing. I came there and I simply asked, ‘what do you want me to speak about?’ That started that way. It was a very good school, because it prevents the taking over of the mind . To prepare, conceptualize first very strong ,the theory, taking notes and having notes on papers, and then reading what you have to say. No, you give out what you live. There is one point you don’t realize. Oh, thank you for the question. I made a major omission here. In the hologram, I showed you the relation between the greenhorn and the square and that whole aspect of the greenhorn is the full square. But there is a relation between here and here. Putting that to the center, instead of center, let us say core, because it’s not a geometrical center. It’s a core. When the effect of that other order of life where the center of gravity is, is to give life to what is going on in the square. The square relation gives the field, the order above is the life.  If the order above is missing, you have the field, you have the form, but you have no life. Okay, this is why I tell you, you have to find you, you have to find this and that. This is greenhorn stuff. But you have to live in order to be able to give that life, then you are alive. And then it has some effect on people you know? Sure.

Let’s take a practical, professional point of view. Long ago when I was in Switzerland, for instance, there was, a theory among psychologists -theory, utopia, I don’t know how you call it – that the method used was the active healing principle, until they found out that it wasn’t true. It was not the method it was the psychologist and the relation the patient could have with the psychologist. Take two, using exactly the same method, you have two very different results. And the result will depend on the human relation. That means there is, let us say, this change of life, through all the faults. Also, do what you can do. I have a sister who is a psychoanalyst and she’s retired now, but she was let us say, successful. She told me why one day. I asked her how she did it. She said ‘very simple’. I take only the patients I know I can do something for them, the others I send to others.  I say that because sometimes in our enthusiasm we might be tempted to play all the roles in the comedy, you know, instead of playing only one.  And helping is really giving your life, it’s not quoting a book. I had a vivid memory about that too. When I was at the University we had a professor, he was very well known at that time. All our class tried to make him give an opinion, his own opinion. We never succeeded. It came always out with a quoting. This also said this, also said that, always, all the time. We never managed to bring out something genuine. Don’t do that, unless you want to be quoted, just as I did. So the main point, if you are looking for a way to give out, the  mind tends to work with, let us say, around the field of action and forgets the life. And you have to hold that in check and say  no, life first. If you are really with that life, shape with calm. If you don’ t know how to shape it, the shape will be given to you. It works every time, provided you live in the first place. You will receive help, which leads me to , let us say, another aspect. When you live your life, you live your life surrounded by people, events. So you have to deal with all sorts of events that you do not measure, that’s the action of what I call “events”. When something needs to be done and you cannot do it, ask “events” to help you. Then events will happen to lead you in the direction or towards the information or towards whatever you need. To play alone, disregarding the dynamics of the surrounding, which I call here events, is just to miss the greatest part of life that happens within the framework of events. Happens anyway. A collaboration is possible.

Now, let’s translate that in other words. Comedian is just a Greek symbol, but there is one that is more… maybe better known. You certainly have heard of a higher self, no? So you work towards your higher self. I find that fantastic. How do you do that? How can you work towards something that is already you? Try to work towards yourself. Even on the level of ususal consciousness, working towards yourself doesn’t make sense. So what you want to work towards your higher self, it doesn’t make sense either. Because by definition you are that.  If you want to work towards what you are you have, logically, still – you have to be not yourself and then, fantastic, you can become yourself.

…You go anyway. Let us say, to simplify, let’s come back to yesterday. When I said the doer, the arrow down there, does period. That means all the processes that you know now, that are sequential, happen simultaneously. As you do, you know and you know what to do. Not according to minds knowledge but according to dynamics. That would be, let us say, a professional answer. Unfortunately you don’t have yet that experience working as a doer. You still depend on the ususal process that requires conceptualizing first in order to be able to do. When I tell you, what look in your life, there are things you can really do, how come you can? Well you started doing it and starting doing it, you understood. There are the modern that tells you I have to conceptualize first and then do. Does happen in certain circumstances. Let us say in the industry you have possibly to start with a theoretical solution, a mathematical solution, then this is applied. That means you go through a whole concept that you call a construction possessing procedure until you have the finished product, then you see that life. But it’s not always true. For many things, for many people ,for instance, you might have experienced that. You read the theory, you don’t understand. You start doing it and then everything is clear. Your security in doing something stems from experience. You have the experience so you understand the reality. But you understand the reality, I would say the conceptual side of the experience because of the experience.  So, in your question, for instance, you have to act, then you see the response. You act, you see the response. When you have, let us say, three references, you can take your bearings. Speaking of education, there is a gross misunderstanding on maybe not a higher level, but on average level of education, that a child is a child. No. The child is an adult that has a childish persona, but behind that is not a child.

I remember something very funny. I have a son, I have a daughter. When the son was about that big, he asked about what was it? Atomic reaction or something like that. I don’t know where he had heard something, but he asked bluntly. Okay, we did answer something very approximate and good for a child, you know. He was not happy at all. He insisted again and again and again until we told what we knew adult wise. Then he said “ah”. See? Don’t be mislead by the appearance. I agree that not every child is fully mature because you have lots of adults that are not mature at all, but still, don’t be mislead by the appearance. Give them something solid, something you can live, something you can back up. Don’t underestimate the finer realities, those we are training with today, that again, it will be a gross misunderstanding. We had school teacher, a lady or was it a man or lady…because I remember both doing that… who in front of the class was centered in A and living crystal. Just right in front of the class. And then one child said, what do you do? There is like a big crystal around you. So, and here you are adults and you don’t see it. Pretending to be more than the child.

 Participant: Become as the little children.

Martin: Except that it is kind of delicate, because most people don’t understand that.

 Participant: I understand that to live livance and I understand that beyond my  perspective which I am asleep. I don’t know if I can ever live livance, but I think there has been some progression to waking up. In your teaching, in your experience you had something that when you were…not to impose a hierarchy, but sort of a guide post or some signs that we can watch for, as we move in this work and as we try to apply whatever we get at any stage to our own level.

 Martin: I’ll get it. We make a joke, okay? Posts have a furious tendency either to work or to rest. I can understand the need of guideposts. But I have to insist on another aspect. Consciousness has to be reeducated. Guidepost is an old way of proceeding. You have books and you follow the rule of the book, but the old way is still prevalent. But remember as you go on, you change. And the guidepost is no more good. I’m serious about that. Because I have seen people slowing down their progress in order to follow the guide post, when the actual ability would have allowed them to go a lot faster. If you follow the guidepost and you say the road is this one and this one makes a long curve, you might be ready to go straight. There is an old symbol, the caduceus, you know about it. That staff and the twined serpents around, that you still find in medicine. But it existed in initiation, philosophy and so on. The idea is there is the descending path and the ascending path. The way of the initiate is in the middle. That means it doesn’t go around the curve, it goes straight. It’s a lot shorter. What I have never found in books is the other possibility. Turn the whole picture that way and you have only a point, no where to go. It’s real. Everything is a matter of point of view, change the point of view, the whole situation changes. Okay, you start with a given point of view. According to that point of view you have guideposts, that direct you ,but they are meant to act according to this given point of view. Change the point of view, that guide post aren’t any good anymore. So don’t expect from me fixed rules. I can give you principles to be applied, but not fixed rules in their forms, definitely not. Yes?

 Participant: I’ll try it this way. You mention earlier today about having people go to the sun, you had them go to the sun. Then you saw it happen and that happen ,was 100% happening. I’m not able to speak well, but  I’m wondering if you see it happening in the work. I understand the guideposts and how they might not help a person  through the work, but are there other patterns that you see  that maybe you can lighten for us.

 Martin: Let me speak frankly from another point of view. We are here to open you a ways. There are new possibilities going on, it’s part of our task. Honestly, don’t expect from me to just repeat what the books have already said. It’s useless. Sometimes you have to do it because somebody is simply not outfitted to go the new ways. New ways, you know, pioneers are pioneers. Not everyone is ready for that. Your ancestors were in England, in Europe, somewhere and they came here, but those who came here were daredevils. They dared to come in spite of the Indians, of everything. Now it’s settled. Those who didn’t have the courage to come when it was rough do come now that it is quote, unquote civilized. The question is open roads. If you feel worthy to open roads, fine. But then there are no guideposts. You go from one place to the other and as you come you might ask, you might look around, take your bearings in the land you now have in front of you. Maps do come later, for those who didn’t have that courage. It is very curious to see there is a huge amount of people who are fully aware of a new age. In that huge amount there is still a huge amount among them that go back to techniques that existed before Christ. Way before. And they speak of a new age. Do you see what I mean? They don’t realize that new is new.

Okay, let’s speak…we are in a church building, something close to that. Religion. Listen to religion. Let us say, 80, 90 % of the quotations come from the Old Testament and a little bit from the New. Why do we speak of old and new? After Christ, New Testament. Why go back to the old one? Same situation. Okay, you experience life in a new way. If you are not cautious, you do exactly the same. 90% of your quotation, behavior and so on, will go back to the Old Testament, the old way of life. According to occultists, when we come into the Aquarian age what was hidden, that means kept secret among the initiates during the Piscean age, from birth of Christ to now, comes out into the sunshine, out into the open. That means, that what was, the impulse given at that time, becomes operative now. Now. It’s a new situation. I spoke about the church, I spoke about yourself. You find that not just in church, not just in yourself, you find that anywhere. You want to renew yourself, you want to grow, you realize that you have to develop something deeper, more spiritual and so on. And you go back to old ways of doing it. This is why I cannot give signposts. We have to work for what is coming. Otherwise, you work just for yourself, which I said a moment ago or yesterday, forget it. It’s not a way of working, it’s a child position, requiring something for yourself. No, you are here to do something, to give. It requires a commitment, it requires a responsibility. Big responsibilities. Can you assume the bigger responsibility? If you cannot, start with little ones and train. Yes?

 Participant: When you speak of a (inaudible) and now….

 Martin: I missed the first word.

 Participant: Will you speak more of Elohim?

 Martin: oh. To simplify, Elohim is simply a creative hierarchy. A hierarchy is a huge group of beings. Now that’s kind of embarrassing. Because if you translate Elohim with the word God, you have one old man with a big beard, no? God. I think that is the way God is defined, no? At least for children. I have in memory, white beard white hair you know and big beard, around down here, that was God. God ,can you relate to God? No, you can’t. So I shouldn’t ask the question that way. Let’s come back to the hologram. The pilot, I call the pilot God right now or vice versa. The pilot is not a product of the square. In this instance, the square is the whole creation, not just us, not just man. The whole creation. All of the universe, all of the system, all of the galaxy, all that. And the pilot is not that. Pilot is the one building that. That means no shape, concept, inkling, whatever you call that, in any of those three quarters of life that are not three, because three applies only to the lower part, does apply  to define pilot, or God. None of it. So God cannot be somebody and cannot be treated as somebody. Big problem. Okay, the situation becomes too hot, too difficult. So what do we do? Well, let’s place Jesus in between, so Jesus intercedes for you with his father, which is God. Some religions don’t know what Jesus is. There is a mixture of understanding and misunderstanding which is just fantastic. Okay, it’s the only begotten son of God. Now here we have a definite problem. What are men? Created in the image and likeness of God, by God. And so, you are not his children, because only Jesus is that. But it is contrary to what is said. Told you yesterday, in this respect some homework has to be done. People read the bible and don’t realize to what it relates, to what system of symbolism it does relate. Very sorry for that. Few people are aware that there is, for instance, a Kabbalahistic interpretation of the Bible. You read according to the rules of the Kabbalah. Oh, that’s not exactly easy, but you read some books treating this subject and you discover it is amazing all what comes up. It’s not the only way of doing it, but just as a suggestion.

In the old time, they used to use symbols of symbols that have been lost. The teaching is usually written in the way that makes sense for the one who knows, but not for the one who doesn’t know. So it would say it’s a reference book. If you know something about what you are looking, you will find it. If you don’t, you won’t find it. But it’s written in a sensible way that is useful anyway. So it happens to be used for informing most people. But on what level?

We have for instance, mandatory school up to a certain age. Then you have possibility to go higher up and then to university. That means there is a teaching for plain everybody. There is a teaching, a next step teaching for many, many people but not everybody. And there is a more rarefied teaching called University for the few who can manage that. And then there is post graduate teaching, for still less people. Okay, religious teaching is, let me compare it to the mandatory schooling. That’s for everyone. It can be more or less assimilated on any level. But you give a kind of food for children, another one for adults. Quoting of the bible.  So the other one, for the adult, is also read a book, but you have to find it. Higher education of this planet is a very serious matter. What is discussed in the public is very ,very low level. The higher level or highest level, they usually don’t come out into the sunshine, not yet. Let’s take an example. We speak together, I answer to your questions and so on. You will notice that practically, automatically, the discussions comes on or turns around the persona level, to satisfy the consciousness of the persona. The work is not done on that level, the work is for adults. This is not a criticism, this is the usual situation of today. But it might help you to realize, a little bit of what I mean, reeducating consciousness. You do that from a greater livance, you live it until it sits down, until the persona realizes that there is another awareness, different, other. Yes?

Participant: In terms of that livance, what you say…what I’m getting and I’d like some more guidance on. If I go through space where I feel one, one with the universe, will I see the pattern and then face out to other?  Is that… I then sort of feel rather babyish… that I can then can say from my position, if I live in that position it, will be given to me what I need to do in circumstances that I can…

 Martin: Sorry to say, no. For one reason. When you feel one with the universe…

 Participant: I’m talking about the little square.

 Martin: But, as you speak in your own experience, you don’t. You have a concept of being one. Maybe you feel being one, that means you make you feel, but you don’t live it. Here we have a very difficult point. If… when you work for awhile you become more sensitive and you begin to be able to see the field. I’m having Georgette  in front, actually it’s not Georgette, it’s something else. There is that field. If you live one with universe, I mean technically one, not conceptually, it would immediately show in the field. Now one thing, I don’t know who of you is sensitive to fields. You will notice that, looking there, you have just nobody around that has that field. You want to be one with the universe, you have to have it, it has to show.

 Participant: I’m trying to…help me understand. I’m trying to look at a true power that has at one point I thought, I saw, everything is..conscious energy and how we bring it back that is just in response to some music. And I thought that ,that was kind of going towards the concept of reality around you. Do you see what I mean ? As well, I’m trying to clarify it. When you said the little square contains higher spiritual knowledge of man…

 Martin: Which little square?

 Participant: The little square in the part of the…

 Martin: Of the greenhorn.

 Participant: Pardon?

 Martin: The greenhorn.

 Participant: The greenhorn, yes.

 Martin: That’s…humanity is there, okay.

 Participant: That’s where humanity is now.

 Martin: yes.

Participant: What I’m trying to do is separate into (inaudible)…I’m also thinking that what you’re saying is that if you read the bible from a different space, for instance, you read for instance something that relates to the center square is there.

 Martin: No

 Participant: It’s not? Okay, it’s just we’ve heard this and then that’s what I’m seeing is the…that the square is the greenhorn. I see the universe as the square

 Martin: None of the disciples who have written about Jesus have that awareness, they just don’t plain know that. We are dealing with a new situation. It might help you to, also to realize the extent, the seriousness of a training when you face another order of life. Because few people can accept the idea that the highest spiritual awareness known, I have to insist on known, is always in the square of the greenhorn. You accept that as a rule, the rule of the game if you want. If you want to play the game with the hologram, you have to accept the rule and stick by the rule, otherwise you miss the training. Because otherwise you have, you actually project some type of knowledge from the greenhorn into the other order of life. That means you don’t respect the other order of life. And the biggest difficulty is not to project a known reference further on and thus reduce what is there to known references. It’s a hard training.

 Participant: Yes. Obviously you can see that it’s totally unknown that at it’s core,  there’s no meaning without knowledge. And our concepts (inaudible)

 Martin: You know we have situations like ,above you have the known aspect. For you, I mean spontaneously, candidly, it’s still difficult to realize that there is a knowledge that is not acquired. There is a word for that, immanent knowledge. I don’t know if you understand the word.

 Participant: Can you repeat please?

 Martin: Immanent. Simply because of habits, you are trained to know that knowledge is acquired. You read books, you go to school, you go to seminars, you go to whatever and you gain knowledge. The known works with the knowledge that is not that. It’s different.

 Participant: The orange line…

 Martin: What about it?

 Participant: You’re saying this is what makes us alive.

Martin: That what comes from the center going in the middle, or the center, is actually shaped. Yeah. Is what gives life. Actually it’s what gives life even to your body.

  Martin: I didn’t place your question.

 Participant: The word we use for what we do in schools and so on is education, comes from an old word, Latin word, educere – which means to draw out.

 Martin: yeah.

 Participant: If we’re getting into the new, into new age, is there a new word now?

 Martin: You might simply, modify slightly your translation. You have not tried to bring up. So word altered is not that bad, provided you call the comedian and you tell him, come, come don’t be afraid. It’s simply that your calling has to have a true soul or higher quality. It’s difficult to incarnate, it’s hard work. It’s much easier to die.

 Participant: I’m feeling a little swamped by the enormity of some of the things you are saying. I know, I have the understanding that we are here to do a job and that if we can unveil what’s coming, then we can do the job while you’re in touch with the comedian. And as long we’re in touch with the comedian ,you get in touch with that by focusing and wanting what we’re doing. And I also had the idea that on this planet we’re here to understand the emotions and learn to deal with the emotions and I was wondering for what reason is that? We’re here for that.

 Martin: No, no. You’ve found the scope enormous, it is worse than that. Because I’m trying to be logical, you know. If when you are in touch with the comedian the situation is already enormous, then what will it be when you find out you are the comedian?

 Participant: Doesn’t that simplify it?

 Martin: The whole situation, yes it does. Definitely. Things begin to make sense, really. But if you are in touch with the comedian, then yes, it might feel enormous. And as we have seen sometimes you get scared by the enormity. On this continent, things like things big, no? So you have it.  Incidentally, you said to be in touch with the comedian. Be very careful, I never said that. I do say you are the comedian, period. And I even said, we deal with that, with the comedian.   Now, let’s translate that in other words. Comedian is just a Greek symbol, but there is one that is more… maybe better known. You certainly have heard of a higher self, no? So you work towards your higher self. I find that fantastic. How do you do that? How can you work towards something that is already you?

Tape Four

Martin: Paradise lost, things like that. And you lost your position, you are no more there, so now you have to become it again. It’s very popular. How can you be other than what you are?  Simply point of view and very misleading point of view. One day you have to have the courage that you are more than what shows. You know it already, you do it already. But you haven’t had the courage to accept it rationally or simply logically. Put everything together – what is working in your awareness, there is a lot more than what is accepted as being consciousness. All the time.

 Participant: During my meditations,  I noticed the sense, very compassionately, the nothingness and lost awareness of even the sound of the music as such. There was a tremendous stillness, slowly I could face my…how you say it? Like a feeling and it really stayed with me because I could feel the thing space but not feel the going back to my consciousness and I feel ways of thinking about this, this is an experience that is (inaudible)with the comedian in it’s most refined way. I get in touch with that level of consciousness today that you were describing, maybe not a different level? Or is it my imagination getting in the way of myself? Getting in the way with myself? It was extraordinary, I feel so wonderful, I can feel my heartbeat…but, it wasn’t it. It was…I can’t say the entire feeling, it seems to transcend into different states…I mean, it was quite an exciting level of awareness.

 Martin: What is the question?

 Participant: The question is how would you define that? Because I really had to have a look back at that and the process.

 Martin: Now, several points. If we speak, let us say of a definition, according to what surrounding? What dimension? What order?

 Participant: What dimension….past the nothingness.

 Martin: No, I know what your experience is, but that means the definition you want according to what?

 Participant: I don’t know

 Martin: Is it for your mind, is it for your feeling, your sensation, your what? Or Is it for your…or the  comedian?

 Participant: I don’t know it’s very exciting to see …. there’s nothing tangible to aim at..

 Martin: I have to introduce a few technicalities. The tendency in the Western hemisphere is to center on phenomena.  Phenomena can happen in two polarities, nature wise or spirit wise. As I said yesterday, they unfortunately, people are not trained to distinguish positive and negative polarity. Man is a positive being, so you have to watch out to see that the polarity is right. So then back to the group and  find out about positive and negative polarities. And this has to be trained. In your situation, for instance, the positive side doesn’t show. It doesn’t radiate in the field, it does not mean that you haven’t experienced it, you did. But when you start processing the experience, there are lots of pitfalls. The attraction of the phenomena, it’s kind of exciting to live that way and so on. The very sense of power, spiritual power, psychic powers and so on.  For me, my definition of power is simply an ability you don’t yet handle. You don’t really control, because when, let us say your center of gravity is higher than the power, it’s no more power. It’s just a plain normal ability, everyday life. We can speak, that’s a power, we can move, it’s a power of moving. But we don’t call it a power, it’s an everyday thing, normal, got adjusted to it.  When people live a power they are not yet adjusting to it. Please realize that. It’s not an everyday occurrence. Is that clear? That matter with power? And, with the yogi’s or so, Eastern hemisphere, in the teaching they always shun powers. Their rule is to avoid them, even if they show up. There are many instances. I remember about that yogi ninja who was giving a class of Hatha yoga. And during one of the classes as he was teaching, a mongoose came. Now, you know the mongoose is the small animal that is daring enough to attack deadly snakes. And that one had been bitten, it was in bad shape and was coming towards the yogi. So the yogi picked it up and stroked the back. I don’t remember which direction, but let us say the reverse direction, from the tail to the head. And after awhile, the mongoose was just fine and moved away. Then one of the students asked, why do you stroke him in that direction? He said, don’t you know that the moon is rising? Just common sense, no? The students, or at least one of the students who has written the story, complained that ‘for us, he never showed any power, nothing. But for a mongoose, he did it’. That’s the rule.  I will never encourage to deal with powers, it’s an absolutely fantastic pitfall. You can lose many incarnations, be trapped in the excitement of a power, instead of going ahead. But there is one serious stuff. As you go on, you kind of maybe experience it. The point is not having an experience, but what polarity. Because we come from a period of time, where for instance in Atlantis, they had a lot of power nature wise. This has to come back again, spirit wise. So, through unconscious memory, sometimes you putt-putt with experiences that belong to the past. Negative polarity, in this respect, relates to past experiences and you have to learn to convert that into positive polarity, so that it can become a normal, everyday faculty. So you have watch for the polarity, not watch four fantastic experiences, that’s not the point.

You have Patanjali, for instance, he never showed any power himself except once. You know that a ninja, they burn their dead -which is a very good way in a hot country to prevent sickness and spreading of the bacteria. When him mother died, he incinerated her body by the flame from his two hands and it was done. It’s the only instance known where he showed any power like that other yogi. In his book he speaks about, when you concentrate on this you obtain that, when you concentrate on that, you obtain this, when you concentrate on that you obtain this and so on, a long list. Then he ends by saying ‘but a true yogi doesn’t do it’. We come back to the middle way, St John of the Cross. Material goodies, spiritual goodies, beware of goodies. The path to Mount Carmel, nothing, nothing. Now see, observe, how much you are on the look out for something. I don’t criticize you, society is built that way, so you expect the somethingness instead of expecting the nothingness. But then a nothingness that makes sense, that is alive, not a dull nothingness that you find in utter passivity, for instance. Or you can claim there was just nothing, sure but there was no life either. Nothingness we speak of is tremendously full of life and is beautiful, but how can you describe a beauty that “has nothing”? It is, but it has nothing. It’s the purest beauty you can experience, it is not depending on either movement, I mean concrete movement you can follow, or shape, or colours, any kind of thingness. But coming back to your experience, when you things like that do happen, I have one recommendation. You experience it, okay, so you acknowledge you experience it. Leave it at that. Don’t start to build with it, because if you build with it, the quality of life is not sufficient in our book. In societies book, it’s very fine, in our book it’s not yet sufficient. So let it be what is.

When you have dynamics going on, you have some types of experiences going on. Mostly for instance in the beginning you have reflecting experiences, that means you live symbolic situations and believe me it can be strong, very strong, it can completely shake you.  But you have a hard time coming back to your normal balance. It’s a positive shaking, but it’s shaking. It can. Still what shows is a symbol, reality is still different. You go first through a long period of symbolic experiences that you accept as such. It’s only when you start losing the grip of thingness that you can begin to be able to handle a no thing ness. Then you begin to live life as is. Otherwise there is always the risk of that trap, the attraction of something you do not handle.       There is a typical example. In mediumship, when you start playing medium, you know what a medium is, no? Psychic. I don’t know if you have…well, you need some training anyway, but if have known a medium or so, closely, and have assessed the psychological position. When you are trained, there is one point and maybe I could come out with that. When you are trained with the centers and you can see how they work, you have two that is just remembers for many, many things. So you watch a medium work, that centers going down, it bombs. That means subconsciousness starts moving. Doing what? Picking things out of subconscious. Sometimes it’s related to some reality, most of the time it’s not. I have known a medium who was a…well, a pretty happy girl, alive – full of life and so, but she was used to play mediumship. I looked at a few things she was saying and so, nothing was true. Everything was built up in unconsciousness and concocted there and psychologically we could say it was a way to be special. The medium we speak of, I have a guide, I connect this and that, Check it. Sometimes I can be nasty, because technically we have to stay straight, absolutely. There is no compromise. One day I was seeing one of the mediums, that was in Denmark. She asked to see me or so and during the conversation she said well, I feel I have a message to give you. Okay, go ahead and that’s how little others hear it. So, told her now what about this situation? I don’t remember where it was. She was speaking of past lives, so I happened to have some memory of past lives. So I picked one I knew of, I mean consciously and she was embarrassed, because she didn’t know about that situation. Past, I don’t remember, maybe in Egypt or so. She came out with her guide telling that this is real. Put aside for later use until we were both ready for it. That of course made me laugh. I knew the situation, it’s an old thing. I’ve no need to be ready for it because I know it already, so why make a mystery? Translated…I couldn’t translate the beautiful wording they manage to use, you know? That has to sound attractive and very professional. No, it’s very done. Sometimes you have true mediums, like Cayce, but that’s another story.

The usual mediums is a faculty that most of the time it’s not a faculty, it’s simply a trick of consciousness that requires subconscious action. I have in mind something else, that lady I just spoke of went completely crazy. She could no more take care of herself, apparently from latest news – that was several years ago – she recuperated to some degree. I have in mind another experience, that was in Geneva and there was that lady who wanted to work with me. And she said she was very much interested in mediumship and I looked at her and saw that when she related to mediumship – when you speak of somebody, what you speak of is functioning – and as she spoke of it, this went down. Going down in this region, the soft of the neck, means you have no control of it. Objective situation is at eye level. You go down, a little less objective, way down, no control. If you observe somebody doing something that puts that person way down, if you can warn the person. I did it for that lady. I said, so long that you work with me, don’t do that. She was very honest and didn’t do it. But after one year, working with her, with me, she said well I want to quit. I said, that’s free, do. Can I know why? Oh, I want to go back to mediumship. I told her that’s your freedom, but I have to warn you. Three months later she was possessed and about six months later she died of a cancer. One of her students went to see her regularly and she had lucid moments in which she said ‘if only I had listened to him’. It was too late. We are very often in that situation. We see things, I agree that the way we see it is different. Incidentally, you are to know that, because when we look at you, we don’t look at you according to the usual standards. We look at you in a different way, according to different standards because it really is through the work with the comedian that implies different standards anyway. But unless you realize that life is real, what we do is for real, we have the experience, we don’t speak of theory, never… except if it is a quoting or something like that. But otherwise we don’t speak theory and this you feel somehow, you seem to respond to that.

 Participant: The center that we connect with, the decision we might make to start teaching at some point. I hear what you’re saying through the danger in becoming a teacher or expert in…with some of the stories that you are telling us, but on the other hand, there is a need for teachers to do teaching and it seems that we have to exercise some judgement about how and where, if and when we teach what we’re going to teach.

 Martin: And what is the question?

 Participant  1: That’s…to take what’s in probably a silly extension of what you’re saying, is nobody should ever teach they should always keep on moving to the nothing, because once they start teaching there is going to be a danger.

 Martin:   No, there is some kind of misunderstanding. What, after all you are here to help, can somebody set him straight?

 Participant  2: I heard you saying that in the beingness is the way to teach, is our being what we are, having the life force active in us is the way we are able to transmit.

 Martin: Now that, that answer is question.

 Participant  2: He was talking about the danger of teaching and I don’t see that if we use our life and beingness to it’s fullest, how it can be a danger.

 Martin: I don’t see it either, but how come he see’s it?

 Participant  2: I can only say that I don’t see it .

 Participant 1: Well, for example in the moment he wanted to leave you and go off and do one’s with that one lady in Geneva..that, the game plan might plan been to help people but in fact, she didn’t have the awareness and she went down. What I asked you…I guess have the awareness of whether you’re going down, is there a specific example of that particular case? Before you saw you wanted to go off and do….

 Martin: I have no right to interfere in the life of somebody else. That somebody else makes a decision, okay. We have situation, for instance, a very common situation , well, not too common but it has happened several times. We have in the groups somebody coming, that somebody happens to have a near memory relation with us, meaning it’s not the first time. Being not the first time, it also means, they are meant to work that way. But then, this is how it builds up, little by little. But then one day something pops up and the person quits. Even If I know positively that the person shouldn’t quit because it will be a set back, I’m not going to stop the person. Some people do come, they are not directly related, so whether they continue or not, or choose something else, it’s not that important, so situation is not difficult. But for some people, we do actually a specific work, some people train themselves specifically too in that direction. That goes over our last period of life. When these fail to continue, it is a kind of set back, they  usually go through a set back. But you have suddenly the higher values that are drowned by personal requirements, that you relay that kind of pattern, suddenly. We know the work is not easy. But on the other hand, spiritually speaking…you know, you hear about initiates, adepts, masters. You never hear what they really did. You only have outside descriptions that go along the same line as the usual persona’s, but not the true life, not the real experiencing, not the real doing. What I want to say in real life, when we speak of initiates, adepts, masters and so on, discipline is very straight. Very straight. The requirements, the abilities, the ability to assume responsibilities are very straight. When we work, what is given is given all out, whatever the cost, including your own life. Doesn’t matter. What has to be done, has to be done. I try sometimes to speak something that you can nearly verify, close at hand. In my own persona,  I said yesterday, there is no desire whatsoever of higher degree, of reaching up, something. There is a full awareness of a work to be done and I do it, period. The work is important, not me. If we have the responsibility of doing it, we do it. No self reflexiveness. You cannot do a work seriously if you look for your own advantage, can you? Simply logical. So we try to put your little bit in connection with reality. You have heard a lot about spirituality, so much that the word spirituality has been completely distorted and suddenly one day you come in contact with some reality. First of all, spirituality in our book is a continuum in which you don’t have nature and spirit. But in your book the dichotomy between spirit and nature still exists, so we have to take that into account and give you images that go along with that so you can understand.

I have one question in which you might help, just curiosity. How is your experience with us? Is it sufficiently real? (Laughter in background) We are aware of being different, you know. But how does it strike you?

 Participant 2: Since you have arrived I have been aware of a I slept. I know I slept..but, something else is working very hard and when we left again and I had to go into (inaudible), my body was exhausted but all this other stuff is happening and I can’t make the connection yet as to say keep working, because I’m so tired I can’t. I’m very tired in my body. But I’m here (inaudible) to sit in a chair.

 Martin: You do sit in our chair, why not? Incidentally, yes, it can be quite tiring. Not always. But from time to time, tiring just reflects a readjustment. You suddenly become aware of another quality of life, or another type of life and your whole system has to readjust to it. That readjustment is very often felt as being tiring, but not for long period. You can rest when we are gone. (Laughter in room) I’m afraid it will continue.

 Participant 1: I find it quite real…especially, this is sort of like a different kind of church, you know? Where the liturgy is different, I’ve never experienced before and it is that the name…I guess it’s more …we set up with a god and goddess and …I found myself last night and this morning, kind of intrigued and sort of caught up and this afternoon I find more that I retreat to that which is more fimilar and to erase my realities with all the theories I’ve got…and let go of this whole thing. (Laughter in room)

 Martin: (laughing) You are obviously free to do it, no?

 Participant 1 : I’m enjoying it much more. There’s a question I have that comes out of that. To the aspiration of nothingness is not terribly attractive to me and I find that I sort of exploring it a bit and sort of  find it in unconsciousness and then I find I drift into sleep and there’s activity and and consciousness and there’s activity in sleep also, almost like you move from one kind of activity to another. And I’ve been thinking I’ve been seeking the nothingness, I’m very close that threshold, I really wondered where… nothingness will be found there at all.

 Martin: Nothingness being nothingness, there is no where to find it.

 Participant 1: That’s true.

 Martin: If it helps you, I can tell you one point you might not realize. When we incarnate, we have to go through the whole process of training the persona, the new persona, again until it becomes functional. And, for instance, the process of facing another order of life, it’s a new situation for the persona. It has taken me three years of steady work until it came through, but when I say it came through, it came through into the persona. That means consciousness can participate. So you tried one night. When you mean work, you might not mean work I mean that’s your choice, but when you mean work, you have to go steady, day after day after day. Speaking of attractiveness, what is not attractive is that you suddenly face a situation in which you can’t do what you might have thought was easy. No, I told you, that kind of work is demanding, exacting, it’s worse than science. If you find advanced science difficult, maybe you are not ready for what we do. On the other hand, it’s very simple. If you have one pointedness, Patanjali speaks of concentrating on Ishvara. Ishvara a higher form of the comedian, but can also be interpreted as being God, either way. You can be centered on that and that only, steadily, steadily, steadily. Then you will know nothingness more than that.

 Participant 3: You said that you had worked for three years to achieve….did you do this with another teacher? Or did you explore this unknown by yourself?

 Martin: Sometimes I’m asked that question, I never had a teacher. Steiner speaks about a situation. He said only those who are strong on earth can do without a teacher, otherwise you need a mentor to help you go step by step. But there are those who can do without that, we have to be of those. It’s not the first time I do the work.

 Participant 3: But in the sense of seeing, knowing and hearing it….how do you know which direction to move in? There’s sort of a negativity out there that you will get through.

 Martin: When you ask, how do I know? Honestly I would say I don’t. I go ahead anyway, but then honestly all truths are true, I know with a knowledge which is not a knowledge. Knowledge of the knower. I know what I speak of and very often, if we continue together by any chance, you will hear me challenging you. Sometimes people say ‘I don’t know’ that’s not true. I’ve done that many times, because I see that other type of awareness that in fact knows but it’s not the same type as the usual knowledge, so it’s refused. You might feel it even consciously and still refuse it because it’s not of the usual type. Then when you are confronted with it or challenged, you suddenly realize, yes, in fact I know. When you ask , how do you know?

Martin: ….so ordinary knowing doesn’t work. Not very well anyway, but there is the purpose . You came for a job. So some way there is that knowledge. Give it a chance.

 Participant 4: Can I ask you a specific question? How do you get started on the..this quest, this life?

 Martin: Oh, that’s one of the rare things I just don’t know. (Laughter in room)

 Participant 3: Yes you do! (Laughter)

 Martin (laughing): Well, one moment, I have to answer that question. There’s a way to simplify the question, you don’t get started, you continue.

 Participant 4: …..and you get stronger as you go along?

 Martin: You know, if we want to be more matter of fact, it’s not the first time you live. If you show an interest in coming here and you did come obviously, unless you questioned that, I don’t know.  That means, there is something that lives in you that is already at least a little bit acquainted with the subject matter, somehow. The memory is not conscious, but there is the unconscious memory that makes you come. That is strong enough to motivate you. So, you don’t get started, you don’t have to worry to get started because it’s already done. Which boils down to simpler, let us say, to idle questions like how do I get started? If you lived in the now, for instance, and let us assume it’s the very first time through all the incarnations that you work in this direction. You still don’t have to start, because you would have done that yesterday and today’s a continuance? Right, simple logics, no? So don’t worry about getting started, it’s already done. So look for another question. Actually, wait a moment, I have to be polite. She’s asking something else.

 Participant 4: I am

 Martin: when you ask, how do I get started? You want to know what you have to do now? I have to stress another point. Motivation. Motivation is what gives direction in what you do. When you start doing something, you have a motivation that tells you, do it. That means it’s a directive action. Very much depends on the quality, the level of that motivation. If your motivation starts from curiosity you won’t meet anything. But it may happen that you discover that it is not curiosity, but something behind and then behind that something, behind. That means in reality there is something much deeper. When you start working with the deepest motivation, then go ahead do whatever it want. I have in mind, for instance, the example of that yogi who didn’t know what to do. He wanted to concentrate, but on what? In order to reach, let us say, Ishvara and Ishvara didn’t make sense for him, so okay, so he has to concentrate on something easier. What? Now, traditionally in order to isolate themselves from the currents of the earth, they sit on a tiger skin. Now the tiger skin had black spots, yellow and black. So I said okay, I start concentrating on that given black spot day after day after day. And doing only that. And one day he went through. So when you ask me, what shall I do? How do I know? Depends on your imagination, the motivation has to be true and the motivation is not hard work. That’s an important point. If your motivation is truly set from the deepest part you can intuit, then okay, go ahead. The forms are not that important. So long they are compatible with your life.

 Participant 5: (inaudible) and yet the feeling of the room carries with it and what has been coming through in Sandra’s work, the more deeply we get into it, that of the we get the sense of reawakening, being aware the knowledge is there, having it awaken and perhaps understanding part of the work is bringing it forward into the terminology that we come to today but perhaps this is my own experience, it’s not new…is that in fact (inaudible) the words are often, take a little bit of work to hear because in form they’re not used to it…so the experience of experiencing is one of clarity and knowing there is a great deal to move towards and learn.

 Martin: You expressed a point by saying it’s not new. This is a very common experience. As I told you when you reincarnate you have to retrain your persona, but there is what you have experienced already in past lives. And very often, I think it happens to practically everybody, when you train your persona, some of your ways get off and you find a so called higher condition only to discover that it is a very familiar place. This simply means, okay, you already worked on that level. But then you said there is nothing new. Then I would say, well, go ahead.

Participant: ….it’s really plain to me what the soul is and where to go. What I was trying to express was the really, a really, a  monument with that past knowledge you don’t have to relearn because it is within us. That to me, the jumping off point to entering where we are now.

Martin: Yeah. You’re expression, we don’t have to relearn. If we would apply that, if I could make it available for you to realize. The way you approach what we do is teaching. Told you yesterday, there are three sentences relating to the hologram, that’s all. What we want is not teaching. And here we have an important point, some of the training you try to do, as we just saw you have done it already. Okay, some of you. So you find that familiar place again. True, in time and space it’s a different place. But it’s still familiar, so you have to adjust to the form of expression. This being so, it gives you freedom to forget about always developing yourself. The possessiveness, yourself. And start working for mankind. But then I have also to stress another point. I hear constantly these years, the work, the work, the work.  What is the work? If you are to join in what “we” do, implication of the work is you are capable to tune your persona into the dynamics of what is going on. You hear me always speaking of we, I don’t mean Georgette and me. I don’t me we, we are a group. Some of these groups are known historically, some are not or very little. We are in the service of Christ. The term Christ is not appropriate, the introduction is the anointed one. No, it’s not that. Simply that it has been a habit to speak of Christ and the Christ impulse, not in religion, in outright literature or in the initiation fields or things like that. There are many months signs to give an image of Christ would be the one whose body is the whole planet. That’s called the Logos, logos means words, but people speak of –  at least in fields of theory, I don’t know where they took the words, it’s a Greek word – they speak of the planetary logos, things like that. In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God. So it’s all the same. I see many months signs, that means all life of the planet is part of that beings body, including your personas. Well, incidentally , so long for your possessiveness. There is already somebody claiming that. The other end of the scale is God, himself. Why people say him, I don’t know. It’s not a she, it’s not an it, it’s not a him. Inbetween Christ is simply the creative or creator aspect of God. So, if we speak of Christ, that should make sense for the conviction is real. But we are fully aware that if we pronounce the word Christ, practically, immediately we are not trained or used to, it pops up the religious side in which you simply don’t know what it is, but you have an image. The situation is a lot , a lot richer than what is told and we are only at the very beginning of the time where you will begin to know a lot more about what the Christ event was. It was a very decisive turning point in the history of mankind, but the science of the beings involved, is something you don’t even dream of. And I have a reason for instance on insisting on the technical sides because I don’t want you to go into the ususal mood of religion. That’s for those who cannot do adult work, adult work requires something else.  So long for that. Next (laughs). Sometimes instead of adult I say professional.

 Participant 6: Last time, some people here have heard this, but  the first time I met with the group in California ,I woke the following morning with a very, very clear verse in my mind as a result of my meeting with you. I’d like to say it to you and hear your comment on it. I know now it relates a bit more to the conscious rather than much to the nothingness aspect. I’d like to hear your comments anyway. It goes like this: the enormous becomes the norm, like common sense it is intuitively applied by spiritually holistic individuals based on a three or more dimensional reality.

 Martin: And what kind of comment do you expect?

 Participant 6: I don’t know, I just wanted to know does it make any sense? It made a lot of sense to me at the time but then I was, still am very (inaudible)

 Martin: And how is it when you say it now?

 Participant 6: When I say it now I realize that it has…

 Martin: no, wait a moment.

 Participant 6: yes

 Martin: When you said it, you fished in your memory. Try to say it again, but this time, say it. See what I mean? That means give it out. It’s no more fishing in the memory, it’s expressing.

Okay, go ahead.

 Participant 6: Say the same words, but giving it out?

 Martin: What if you were in the theater or so?

 Participant 6: The enormous becomes the norm when common sense is intuitively applied by spiritually holistic individuals based on three or more dimensional realities.

 Martin: Now, your reaction.

 Participant 6: Well, my reaction is that it doesn’t deal with much about what we’ve been talking about this time but…for that reason I hadn’t been intending to say anything but as we were discussing this afternoon session, I wanted to say it. It doesn’t deal with the nothingness but it seems to me that it might be a way that we can consciously bring in the intuitive or the unknown or the spiritual parts of our lives into what we do on a day to day basis and try to see a reality that is beyond the two dimensional reality that we see today…that I, for one, see most of the time. And I’m trying to expand that and see that maybe there’s a fourth dimension.

 Martin: how do you react to the enormous becoming the norm?

 Participant 6: Well I think that sometimes the fear, the fear that we have within us sometimes prevents us from doing things, things that seem out of reach. And when we do them, when we try them we find that they are closer than we think and then when we do them, we wonder why they were so enormous in the first place.

 Martin: Incidentally, when playing with words, the enormous means it has no norms, it means that it cannot be measured, so it cannot become the norm. Measurable. That means you cannot reduce it, for something in the true meaning of the word, it doesn’t work in what you would say. But I understand also that when you say the norm, it means, it becomes a habit. You are used to the enormity, so it doesn’t appear that enormous, but it doesn’t become the norm. You change place, not the enormous. Did that occur to you? You’re relation changes because you change the point of view, which also means you change place, there is a shift in the center of gravity. So you can deal with the enormous. As such, not because it becomes measurable and because you become able to deal without measure.  Otherwise, I don’t know what to say about that. It’s for me, it’s a level of expression that is pretty popular in certain circles. We would like something more technical, more based, more solid.

 Participant 7: Perhaps the most important point is that you have…there was a movement in you. And that because you like to do things we try to say (inaudible)and I don’t understand that. That there, then you are moved and I think that’s the most important thing because you’ve mentioned it a couple of times. I also wanted to say something to Laurie because you had a (inaudible)about in terms of our fears and we’re dealing with that now. I know that your resourceful, well, the whole group is and I think that it has a bit of misinterpretation what that nothingness is. Now, I don’t know what that it is. Something I do know is that it has to do with the (inaudible) of the person, so that you feel to be in collaboration with that deeper life which is in operation all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not. And that I would say that I was certainly confused just like you and then given the tools.  And the nothingness, I mean the emptying out of what we can  when we can see on this level with this person has been so rich , there is no loss. That’s what happens when the best things this person brings to the group is that its not much and it’s a blessing and that in fact, you already know (inaudible) it’s gone. Not that it’s bad , it was a training for me and I (inaudible) just like you do. But in fact, the service that this work is enabled… enabling fact and solidity of this work, there’s nothing that we know of on earth, I mean that I know of ,in any one record years helpful. So that in fact it is so huge in it’s magnificence, even at this level of experience, that it’s nothing to worry about, your giving it up. Somehow it feels like that in the room there’s a fear about what that it is, and I just have to say that it’s not my experience. It’s a contra and you people are experiencing that. I’m right here you know. So, I just feel like whatever the concept is, nothingness or emptiness, drop it , you know? And I say it to you because I know that you are in soul and that you really want to serve, all the people here do. I’m hoping for other practical, so I’m going back to questions past. I asked lots of times those questions too and this is the most practical work I have ever found. When have ever you been given the opportunity to serve is a better way to put it. I say it to you not to challenge you, you know, but to connect with you. This hard…I know from my level how hard it is. On a real level, big.

 Martin, laughing: Who cares?(laughter in room)

 Participant: I deal with it in the old way

 Martin: yeah, you do, I know that. I accept that. But it’s interesting to see that people are usually so engrossed in themselves that they don’t realize what it takes…working people, like you, for instance, to do what you do. And this is why for instance we spoke of religion yesterday by saying not religion in itself but the way people react, like children, give me this, give me that. Now you have, we are speaking of being in the service of Christ. And that implies that “he” it’s not a he, it’s not a she, it’s not an it, I repeat, needs help. There is that old childish habit to consider the higher beings as being who don’t need help, it’s not true. As a practical example, I limit more and more what I do to structuration on the level of the comedian, or higher . And I leave the relation between comedian and persona more and more for others to do. Because on the level of soul on the comedian and higher, there are not too many people who do that who are incarnated. I obvious, but incarnated no. And the rule of incarnating is everyone does the higher one possible in your own field of activity, because one step lower you have more people doing it, two steps lower you have many more people and so on. Until you come down where you don’t even need qualifications, everybody can do it. So the place where everybody can do it is not the place where you work. You work around the line of the highest qualification, all the time. So somebody has to take over other aspects and you happen to be incarnated, I believe you know that, sometimes you wonder, that means the workings of those higher principles on the incarnated level has to be taken over by mankind. It’s serious business. It’s one type of work, there are other types of work.

There are many aspects, I’m kind of embarrassed because you would like to learn more about it, but unless you have a finer sensitiveness and you can begin to live it, how can I tell you? You have many aspects. Let us say a simple one. We know that you …spaceship, this is what has come out. We act simultaneously on greenhorn level and spaceship level to help build the spaceship. That’s Chinese for you, I hope nobody knows about Chinese language. It’s a french expression, when it’s hard to understand, you don’t understand we say that’s Chinese. What do you say in this country? But it still it’s very real. Characteristics of the spaceship are very real. Could you be aware, comedian wise, we could show you the spaceship up to some extent. But not lower than that.

There is one image that might help you, in this respect, spaceship. The churches uses the symbolism of hierarchies, nine hierarchies going from Angels, archangels and so on up to Seraphim, so there are nine existing hierarchies. In this respect, looking around that line, mankind is the tenth hierarchy. The Seraphim being the first, the angels being the ninth and man is the tenth. We spoke about Elohim. Now those hierarchies are like little ones. Each of the hierarchies created, each one, every one. This what gives you an outlook completely different from the ususal sense and if by any chance you have read about the action of hierarchies, what they have done in the past, what they do now, who is at work and so on. Or we spoke about the enormous, it begins to be really enormous. Then you might begin to realize that when it was said that man was created in the image and likeness of God, there is some degree of reality in it. A lot more than people imagine. Simply the point of view people have today is not adequate.

Cycle wise, the second is of let us say perception, livance, living we have mankind at the pretty low point, on the verge of going up pretty fast because the abilities that were existing have to die away and rise up in the new aspect, this time positive reality. For instance, speaking of positive and negative, one occult faculty that is popular is clairvoyance. You have psychic, their words and so on. What is less known is that 99% of the time this kind of clairvoyance belongs to the past, is a memory of the past and an activity of the past. It has to die away and raise up again as positive faculty. When the initiates are trained they learn to see and learn to see what is similar to clairvoyance, but this time mastered and what an initiate can be, can do with clairvoyance has absolutely no common measure with what is usually  known as a clairvoyant. They can follow in ways that are completely unknown to the usual clairvoyant and it’s a kind of rule, the faculty that was in the past has to change polarities so it kind of dies out. I have a fun example. I knew somebody in the beginning when I was here and they really wanted to work with me. And she had a little bit of those psychic faculties, less than she thought she had, but there was something. I don’t…I told her , look , if you work with me you are going to lose that, because you have to go in favor of a new situation. But there is that in between situation where you will have nothing. All those special qualities will be gone. She didn’t believe me. She started to work and quit after three months because she was actually beginning to lose them. And it’s a principle that’s known in initiation but it’s practically not known in the outer world. Still kind of secret. I don’t say that one thing is right, one thing is wrong, I do simply say that it the evolution of mankind what was negative polarity workings has to change into positive. That means those powers you will find again but in a new way. And a new way of being adjusted to you as positive being, a lot more powerful. Before that you had that as, let us say ,a gift from mother nature. While it’s positive it’s your own expression. It’s a very different situation. This is why for instance when you have experiences or you feel things, I don’t encourage you to indulge in your feelings of phenomena nature wise. I would rather say forget it. You cannot deny the experience, okay, it does happen, period, stop there. When it becomes positive you will know it. Remember, you have a link, you are a positive being. When the faculty becomes positive it will come out as something completely natural.