Martin ontology (science of the soul) leads the student to expand consciousness, to the living awareness of the energies or currents animating the Being.

It is a practice not a belief. In this new age (Aquarius) it is no longer hidden as esoteric secret, it becomes exoteric, no longer hidden in the religions philosophical theories or sects, the Divine is now the responsibility of every one.

Martin taught, while in Switzerland in the French lenguage. In fourteen stepped classes, LES LECTURES AT EPALINGES, starting with the feelings and progressing through consciuosness, he leads the participant to a Christian initiation, reveeling formerly what was esotheric knowledge, now accessible in the open.

TheLECTURES have been tanslated and are avilable in the first section of the NEW MAN\ A new order of being.

Martin wrote shortly before his move to California l”INTRODUCTION A L’ONTOLOGIE it was completed there and published in Geneva in 1974.

With the help of his California stidents he translated and completed THE PRELUDE TO THE NEW MAN, An introduction to the science of beig. It was Initially published in 1978 in Rancho Santa Fe. It forms the second section of the NEW MAN.

Martin taught In Roancho Santa Fe, from 1970 to his passing in 1990. Four seasons of training sessions, nicknamed “calisthenics” were recorded and transcribed, later edited to focus on the teachings, they transmit in fourty monthly CALISTHENICS the essence of Martin’s contribution. They form the third section of the NEW MAN.

Martin also kept working groups in Ojai and Los Angeles. He used extensively music to transmit non verbally direct experience of the spiritual.

This site preserve also recordings of conferences, interviews, collected of the travels of Martin.