Martin Muller (1912-1990) considered himself more as an awakener of souls or, expressed differently, an awakener of the Christ in all of us, different than a trainer who follows step-by step the development of his students.

    He went to the University of Geneva to study psychology and specialized in professional career adviser. This is when he discovered that by using more esotheric means, like direct perception, astrology, etc, he was far more effective than bu using his regular academic formation. With the help of his wife, he began to teach groups, inspired by Steiner and Theosophy.

    At the end of WWII, they rented a farm in Epalinges, a small village by Lausanne, where they developed. organic crops and trained guests, giving classes on spiritual subjects. At that time he was already using music as a carrier to transmit energy and allowing students to feel and experience higher spiritual spheres of livingness. The Epalinges material invites the reader to participate to these early mystical times.

    He soon abandoned his farm to concentrate himself to the training of several groups in Geneva and lausanne. He lived in Satigny (by Geneva) and the later at Caux (above Montreux) where he wrote his book Prelude to the New Man. Although the basic action of Martin was through using directly the music as an awakening of consciousness, his book presents a traioning with the known psychological principles, basic exercises dealing with desires, thoughts and sensations, continuing with ontological principles, center of awareness, and ending with the unfolding of perceptions, radiations and two basic exercises: the crystal exercise and down-and-away exercises, in which the consciousness is freed so that another reality might transappear of its own authority.

    Martin continued to develop his classes in what he called calisthenics – the calisthenics of consciousness. The calisthenics presented here are the outer parts of the classes given by Martin after he moved to California, when he conveyed his wisdom. The sessions where complete with music used to create a direct change in the consciousness of the participants.

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